Adams Idea a12 OS Irons Review

Has Adams Golf produced another winner with its Adams Idea a12 OS irons? They’re the latest generation of the Idea series, which has long been known for its innovative designs and reasonable pricing. If you think you might be interested in the latest hybrid/iron combo set by a company that has been at the forefront of the “hybrid revolution,” you’ll want to read our review of these Adams irons.

For several years now, Adams has been a steadfast proponent of replacing long irons with hybrids. Long irons are notoriously difficult to hit well. Hybrids not only are easier to hit but fly farther and higher than long irons. Even the pros are replacing their long irons with hybrids.

Like previous Adams Idea hybrid/iron combo sets, Adams Idea a12 OS irons are designed so that the hybrids “flow” seamlessly into the set’s mid-irons, making the transition from one club to the next natural and unforced. That seamless transition is one reason the clubs won Golf Digest “Hot List” Gold Medals in the Super Game Improvement and Innovation categories. I tested a set of these irons recently to see if they live up to those awards.

Before I share my on-course experiences with the irons, here’s a short description of their design features.

The standard set of Adams Idea a12 OS irons includes 3 hybrids (4-, 5- and 6-hybrid), 2 “transitional” hybrid irons (7 and 8) and a traditional cavity-back 9-iron, pitching wedge and gap wedge (AW). The stock steel shaft is the Adams True Temper Performance 85; the stock graphite shaft is the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue (weight varies with the flex you choose).

The set makeup is right for most beginning golfers and others with handicaps above 20 or so. Everyone struggles with long irons, but the 4-, 5- and 6-hybrids in the set removes that problem altogether. Golfers with slower swing speeds will probably get some pop from these clubs because they all have an ultra-thin face, perimeter weighting and a low center of gravity to promote high, hot launches and increased distance.

Adams’ “Velocity Slot Technology” is also built into these clubs. This particular feature improves rebound across the club’s entire face, raising the launch angle without increasing spin. It also significantly enhances forgiveness. The hybrid Adams Idea a12 OS irons are the first hybrids to utilize this technology.

As you’d expect from their name, the set’s two “transitional hybrids” (7 and 8) bridge the gap between the traditional hybrids and the cavity-back Adams Idea a12 OS irons (the 9, PW and AW). Their “Truss Back” design provides significant perimeter weighting and lowers the center of gravity.

Okay, what do these design features mean when you’re out on the course? Here’s what I learned when I tested a set of Adams Idea a12 OS irons.

They’re attractive for super game-improvement clubs targeted at beginners, occasional golfers and players with handicaps of 20 or higher. Keep in mind that some of their game-improvement features are visible, and that might make their looks unappealing to better players. For example, the amount of offset isn’t huge, but it’s definitely there. The top line is thick. And the cavities of the cavity-back irons are deep.

Speaking of the offset, these clubs are intended to help people hit the ball high, straight and long. But if you’re like me and you have a natural draw, the offset in the Adams Idea a12 OS irons can be a killer because you’ll pull everything left. Of course, most golfers that would be interested in these clubs haven’t yet developed a draw-promoting swing so the offset won’t bother them. In fact, they’ll probably be happy to see it because it will help them avoid slices! If you tend to slice the ball, the offset built into the Adams Idea a12 OS irons can be a real game-changer.

The soles of the Adams Idea 12 OS irons are wide enough to help prevent fat shots, and the top line is thick enough to inspire confidence in an average- to high-handicap player. The hybrids are easy to hit and do a fine job of getting the ball up and out of a variety of lies. The clubs have a solid (but not buttery-soft) feel at impact and the sound is “okay” – not great but not terrible either.

Forget working the ball – these clubs make the ball fly straight and high. They’re simply not designed to help people hit intentional draws and fades. But the good news is that they’re so forgiving that even mishits usually go straight.

The Bottom Line: Adams Idea a12 OS irons are “point and shoot” clubs that can help players hit the ball higher, straighter and longer. They’re worth a serious look if you’re just starting to play golf or your handicap is 20 or higher.

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