Top-Flite Golf Balls - Are They Right For You?

Top-Flite golf balls have been made for a very long time, with dozens of different models over the years.  The company's current balls include the Top-Flite Gamer V2, three versions of the Top-Flite XL 7000 (the XL 7000 Super Straight, the XL 7000 Super Long and the XL 7000 Super Soft), the Top-Flite XL (also in three versions - the XL Distance, the XL Straight and the XL Distance Yellow), and four models in the Top-Flite D2+ series - the D2+ Distance, the D2+ Straight, the D2+ Feel and the D2+ Diva, which is the company's ladies ball.  Altogether, that's a total of 11 different Top-Flite golf balls being sold today.

Top-Flite is one of the most highly-recognized names in the golf ball industry.  In fact, Top-Flight golf balls have been played by millions of golfers, and they have almost always been pretty reasonably priced.

The company was acquired by Callaway Golf in the mid-2000s, and a lot of people believe the quality of their golf balls has improved since the buyout.  Fortunately for golfers with limited budgets, these particular golf balls remain very affordable despite the significant improvements that Callaway has made.

I'll give you a quick overview of various Top-Flite golf balls on this page, but as always, you'll be able to read more detailed reviews of these golf balls elsewhere on this site.  Let's start with one of my favorite Top-Flite golf balls - the Top-Flite Gamer V2.

One of the reasons I like Top-Flite Gamer V2 golf balls so much is because they do almost everything most golfers would want, but at an MSRP of $20 per dozen (and a street price that's even lower) they're one of the most affordable golf balls on the market.  The performance they deliver for that price makes them a great value.  And with the economy the way it is, value is nothing to sneeze at.  In short, Top-Flite Gamer V2 golf balls are reasonably-priced but give you the type of performance most golfers look for.

The Top-Flite Gamer V2 is a perfect example of the recent improvements that are being made to all Top-Flite golf balls.  People complained about the original Gamer's durability, so Top-Flite reformulated the ball's cover and made it more scuff-resistant.  And everyone wants more distance, so Top-Flite improved that too in this new version.  It even has more short-game spin than the first edition of the Top-Flite Gamer.  The spin you get off a wedge doesn't measure up to the spin of a premium ball, but the Gamer V2 gives you more spin than any other ball in its price range.  You can read my more detailed thoughts on this ball by clicking over to my review of the Top-Flite Gamer V2 golf ball.

The Gamer V2 is a good one, but there are ten other current Top-Flite golf balls as well.  For example, the three models in the Top-Flite XL 7000 line are probably some of the most reasonably-priced balls you could find.  It's hard to beat a MSRP of $13 for 15 balls, and that's what you get with the Top-Flite XL 7000 Super Straight, Super Long and Super Soft golf balls.  And, you can find them even cheaper online.

Top-Flite Golf Balls: Prices, Prices

But wait - the prices get even better!  The three versions of Top-Flite XL golf balls (XL Distance, XL Straight and XL Distance Yellow) have an MSRP of $10 for 15 balls, and a street price that's usually even lower.  It's hard to find golf balls as inexpensive as this, and Top-Flite is a name brand, not some fly-by-night off-brand golf ball outfit.

As attractive as the price of Top-Flight golf balls usually is, these balls are more than just cheap.  The company is using innovative golf ball technology to produce some truly fine but economical balls.  The balls in the Top-Flite D2+ series are good examples of Top-Flite's recent innovations and why the company is winning over a whole new generation of golfers.

At $16 (MSRP) for 15 balls, the D2+ Distance, the D2+ Straight, the D2+ Feel and the D2+ Diva (Top-Flite's ladies ball) are showing golfers around the world that aerodynamic dimple designs and good performance don't need to be expensive.

We'd love it if you'd read some of our reviews of golf balls if their unique combination of price and performance sounds interesting.  Who knows - you might just find the perfect ball for your game and golf equipment budget.

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