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Have you ever considered Nickent golf clubs? A lot of people believe the best hybrid clubs are made by Adams Golf, but Nickent Golf disagrees and calls itself the "King of Hybrids." A number of golfers would concur with Nickent's claim. And, although the company is best known for its hybrids, it also makes men's and ladies irons and putters. In the past, it also produced fairway woods, wedges and innovative drivers (more on that later).

The company is committed to using innovative technology in clubs that are priced for a mid-range budget. In other words, Nickent golf clubs aren't ultra-cheap, but they're also not overly expensive. They do provide some impressive performance, however.

For example, although they're primarily targeted at amateur golfers, more than 150 professionals have chosen to use them at one time or another. Overall, their golf clubs have 47 professional wins worldwide. In 2007, a Nickent hybrid was in Angel Cabrera's bag when he won the U.S. Open, and between 2003 and 2008, Nickent hybrids were the most popular hybrid on the Nationwide Tour. Nickent hybrids have also been awarded Golf Digest's coveted Gold Medal for that category. So, these golf clubs deliver performance for both professional and amateur golfers at an affordable price.

Nickent Golf was founded in 1996 and has been trying to making inroads against the market share enjoyed by larger, more well-known golf club manufacturers. Their clubs have received favorable reviews but it's a little like David going toe-to-toe with Goliath. In fact, the company has had its financial struggles over the past few years and no longer manufactures drivers, fairway woods or wedges.

Nevertheless, whenever I try Nickent golf clubs - specifically, the company's hybrids - they've been easy to hit and the ball comes off the face fairly "hot." This might be due to the company's patented "Brazing Technology," their tungsten-plug weighting system, or a combination of both these features. The brazing used in making Nickent golf clubs fuses steel and titanium without requiring any epoxy, and the tungsten plugs provide heel and toe weighting. The result is a very large sweet spot and a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) for a great deal of forgiveness.

I've hit Nickent 3DX 3- and 4-hybrids with Aldila NV graphite shafts, borrowed from a friend to try out on the course. The company has produced several newer generations of clubs (up through the 6DX series), but I believe the particular Nickent golf clubs I tried came out onto the market in 2003 or 2004.

Because of its weighting, the 3DX hybrid is a club that's easy to swing. It's also capable of launching the ball high and long from the tee, the fairway or the rough. No matter what type of lie I had, I felt confident while addressing the ball - partially because I hit these Nickent golf clubs so well and partially because I liked their looks. They look much more like a small fairway wood than an iron, and their appearance at address is uncluttered, simple and functional. I really liked the way they looked. And hit.

These hybrids respond best to a smooth, easy swing with good tempo. When I made that type of swing, the result was much better than when I tried to over-swing or intentionally hit it "hard."

I found the 3DX hybrids to be pretty straight and forgiving in addition to allowing me to get good distance from a variety of lies. However, their MOI is high enough that they were difficult for me to "work." If you want a hybrid you can intentionally draw, fade or slice, a different club might be a better choice.

I've only had the opportunity to try Nickent's 3DX hybrids, but the company also makes putters and hybrid-iron combo sets. In the past it also made fairway woods and an innovative "Evolver" driver with an interchangeable shaft. If you own one of these clubs or have ever tried one out, I invite you to write in and let us know what you think, because Erik and I want the golf equipment information on this site to be as comprehensive as possible.

The Nickent 3DX hybrid clubs I tried were certainly satisfying. Nickent golf clubs have received widespread acclaim from players of all skill levels. And, they're priced lower than the clubs made by many of their competitors. In short, Nickent golf clubs are certainly worth considering. They can be purchased at a number of online and brick-and-mortar golf equipment stores.

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