Regripping Golf Clubs

I've already touched on the topic of regripping golf clubs in a separate article on golf club repair equipment. It's such an important subject that I'd like to go into more detail about it here.

It's inexpensive but it can help your game tremendously. You can rejuvenate your clubs and your swing simply by regripping as and when it becomes necessary.

Why Necessary

The grip is the only part of a golf club you actually touch, and it's how you control the club's movement. So, the humble grip is actually one of the most important components of any golf club. Grips are, however, made of materials that will wear and otherwise degrade with use, exposure to weather, and the passage of time. In addition to the sun's heat, the sweat, grime and oils on your hands will hasten the aging of your grips.

A grip that's in excellent condition will allow you to grasp the club lightly, something you need to swing the club properly. You'll grip your clubs too tightly and you won't have the traction you need for a proper swing if your grips are worn out. The resulting tension in your arms and wrists can lead to erratic hits and a distinct loss of distance. You can prevent your grips from interfering with your game by re-gripping whenever it becomes necessary. Regripping golf clubs can make a significant difference.

How to Tell When Re-Gripping is Necessary

Generally speaking, two situations can tell you it's time for re-gripping. If you see any smoothness or uneven wear, or if your grips don't feel comfortable at address, your grips are overdue for replacement.

It is, however, always best not to wait until your grips are well past their prime. Instead, have your grips replaced on a regular schedule before you see significant wear and your clubs' performance starts being affected. Many golf equipment experts suggest replacing grips once a year or every 40 rounds - whichever occurs first. I play well over 160 rounds per year, so if I followed this suggestion I'd have to plan on regripping golf clubs a minimum of 4 times a year. Now, don't get me wrong - I love golf - but that seems like a bit of overkill to me. So, I prefer using the following guidelines when I'm helping someone determine how often they should plan on re-gripping golf clubs.

  • You might be able to get by with re-gripping golf clubs once every 18 months if you don't play year-round (for example, because of cold winters) and you play 2 to 3 rounds a week or less. If, however, your climate is hot or extremely humid, you'll need to change your grips twice as often as you would in a cooler, less humid climate. Someone in that situation should re-grip at least every 9 months even if they play fewer than 3 times a week. A hot, humid climate makes grips likely to degrade quickly. You might not notice any visible wear within 9 months, but your grips' elasticity will be affected and their performance will be significantly impaired.
  • Consider regripping golf clubs annually if you play more than 3 times a week, even if you take part of the year off because of the climate. Your clubs are durable, but you'll need to replace your grips to make sure they're always able to do their job effectively.
  • If you're like me and play at least 4 times a week in a hot, humid climate, re-gripping golf clubs every 6 months is in order. The more you play and the more you expose your grips to heat, humidity, dirt, sweat and the oils from your hands, the more often you'll need to consider regripping golf clubs.
  • Even if you only play every once in a while, at a minimum you should replace your grips every 2 years. Over time they'll degrade in any climate, even if you never play. Eventually they'll dry out, harden and cause you to lose your "feel." Let them go even longer and they'll start cracking and crumbling.

Worn grips can sneak up on any golfer, but it's important to realize that even the tiniest slip of a club in your hands could cause a poorly hit shot. Consider regripping golf clubs regularly to keep your clubs and your game in good condition inexpensively.

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