Consider PING Irons for Their Quality, Performance and Customization

I didn't know what to think the first time I laid eyes on a set of PING irons. Compared to the sleek, highly polished beauties being made by other companies, the PINGs looked clunky, chunky, dull and crude. The shop I was at displayed their iron sets along a wall, and as soon as I saw the PINGs I rolled my eyes and walked past to the next clubs. Some of those other clubs were so attractive they could almost make golfers drool.

That was eight or nine years ago, I'd guess. And, until fairly recently, whenever I looked at irons in a store I'd do the same thing - I'd walk right past the PING irons. By then, I knew PING made great irons, but I couldn't puzzle out why the company made them look the way they did.

Then I heard somewhere that PING actually took pride in the way its irons looked so different than other brands. I guess they figured it set them apart from their competitors somehow. And I'd kept hearing from friends how wonderful they can be out on the course. So, I decided to look into them.

I started looking at the PING irons I saw out on the course a little more closely. I noticed that their dull finish did have some advantages, like not reflecting the light from a bright sun right back into your eyes. And when I saw how well my playing partners hit them, my brain made a mental adjustment - all of a sudden they didn't look so ugly. Now, I just see them as being unconventional in a good way. But what really convinced me to seriously consider buying a set of them was PING's amazing custom club fitting process.

Together with Callaway and TaylorMade, PING is one of the "big three" golf club manufacturers and the company's clubs have always been known for their quality and high performance (if not for their looks). Like the clubs made by those other two companies, PING irons, fairway woods, drivers, putters and so forth cost a bit more than most of their competitors' clubs, but they're also engineered to help golfers of all skill levels play better. What really sets PINGs apart from the rest is the company's renowned club-fitting process.

In fact, PING specializes in custom club fitting, and any of the company's clubs, including irons, can be customized in numerous ways to suit any golfer's swing, from novice to touring professional. Their custom club fitting program has become a great point of pride with PING, and the number of customization options that are available for their irons cannot be matched by any other golf club manufacturer. The process begins with an interview where the fitter asks, among other things, what you like and dislike about your current clubs and what you're looking for in your new equipment. Your height, hand size and wrist-to-floor measurements are taken. You'll then hit some balls with an assortment of clubs so the fitter can determine which specific combination of lie angle, length, flex and grip size maximizes your likelihood of striking the ball purely.

I'm convinced that club fitting is important for any golfer and any type of club, but I think being fit for the precisely right set of irons is most important of all. And PING is the undisputed leader in doing this.

Lie angle, shaft length, shaft flex and grip size are among the customization options offered by PING, and surprisingly, custom-fit PING irons don't cost any more than a set of the same irons right off the rack. The company has placed thousands of fitting system into equipment stores and pro shops throughout the world and trains the fitters in how to properly fit and match PING clubs to any golfer's swing and physical measurements. PING's custom club fitting program is unmatched, and it gives players who own PING irons a significant advantage.

PING has produced some truly legendary iron sets throughout the years. The fabulous mid-1980s PING Eye 2 irons and the PING Zing irons of the early ‘90s are still being talked about today and are highly desirable used PING irons. PING G10 irons, Ping G15 irons, Ping G25 irons, PING Anser irons and PING Rapture irons are more recent clubs, and all three are currently popular. You can learn about these PING irons as well as others by reading the reviews we've posted on our site.

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