Nike Golf Clubs - An Overview

Most golfers know the basics about Nike golf clubs. Tiger uses them, and so do pros like Stewart Cink, Lucas Glover and Paul Casey. And, you can hardly pick up a golf magazine without seeing at least one ad for Nike golf clubs. 

Before we move on, here are some direct links to specific Nike clubs we tested:

Clearly, Nike is one of the world's leading sporting goods manufacturers. Its products have long included a wide array of gear for soccer, football, baseball, cycling and other sports. Nike has also been bidding for a top spot among the club, shoe, and ball manufacturers in the golf equipment industry.

The company seems to be succeeding. In fact, Nike golf clubs are now perennially ranked among the best. That makes me want to find out why.

You see, whenever I've been shopping for new golf equipment, Nike has never been at the top of my list of possibilities (although I do like Nike golf balls - a lot). I know a lot of pros use them, and some of my golf buddies play with them too. But I've never been unhappy enough with the club makers I've always used (PING or Callaway for irons, TaylorMade or Cobra for drivers and woods, Adams for hybrids, Odyssey for putters) to switch from one of those brands to Nike.

Still, though, I wanted to find out more about these golf clubs, in case I was missing out on something. Specifically, I wanted to try to discover why both professional and amateur golfers (Tiger, the other pros and some of my friends) love playing with Nike golf clubs. I also knew I'd be reviewing them for this site, so I set out to "kill those two birds with one stone." I recently spent the day at a big demo day not too far away, testing a few different Nike golf clubs.

Well, more than a few. I actually tried a lot of them that day. Armed with my trusty little notebook and a pencil I can stick behind my ear, I went to the practice tee and hit balls until I couldn't make myself hit any more. I probably went through the equivalent of five or six large buckets of balls that day - maybe more. Hour after hour I hit one ball after another. I was so stiff the next morning I had to bow out of my regular game.

What makes Nike golf clubs the choice of Tiger, other professional players and a large number of amateurs? To find out, you'll have to read my reviews of the specific Nike golf clubs I tested that day.

I wanted to make sure I tested at least one Nike golf driver, but I managed to snag two: the Nike VR Pro driver and the Nike SQ MachSpeed driver. While I was at it, I also tried the Nike VR Pro fairway woods, the Nike MachSpeed fairway woods and Nike VR S fairway woods. They were there, so why not?

Testing a Nike hybrid golf club was one of my other goals that day. So, I hit the Nike VR Pro hybrids and the Nike SQ MachSpeed hybrids that were available. Naturally, I also wanted to try some Nike irons, so I gave the Nike Slingshot irons, Nike SQ MachSpeed irons and the Nike VR Pro Cavity irons a bash. Thankfully, I'd already played a round or two with Nike Ignite golf clubs, so I had enough information to review them already. I wasn't sure I could have hit anymore clubs that day anyway! I did have enough energy left to try out a couple of the new Nike golf putters, however. Nike Method putters are being talked about a lot, and I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could share the information here on our website.

Nike doesn't overlook youthful golfers, and Nike junior golf clubs enjoy a good reputation with the younger set. Boys and girls can have their own Nike SQ MachSpeed set. Obviously, I didn't test them on the range, but they look like they would do the job. They include a junior-size driver, hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge, putter and bag.

We've included links that will take you directly to our reviews of the different Nike golf clubs I've tested. We invite you to read as many of our reviews as you like. We even have a few suggestions of where to get used Nike golf clubs. That's the whole point of this site - to give you information that can help you make smart decisions when you're buying golf equipment. Enjoy!

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