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Although the list below isn't a comprehensive list of our golf ball reviews (we have more reviews than this), it should be enough to get you started on finding the right ball for you and your price range.  We've put the brands of golf balls we've evaluated in alphabetical order to make life easier for you.  They include:

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We also have golf ball reviews on low compression golf balls, personalized golf balls, used golf balls, golf balls for seniors and golf practice balls.

And, in addition to golf balls themselves, we also have a golf ball finder review and a golf ball washer review.

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As you can see, we've pretty much covered the bases.  We hope our golf ball reviews are helpful and able to guide you toward trying the brands or types of golf balls that will help you play better.

Why Golf Ball Reviews?

Golf Ball Reviews

To improve your game, for starters. Every golfer wants to lower his or her overall scores, and when it comes to golf equipment, most people would rather try to do this by getting the biggest bang for their buck.  We're here to help you do exactly that - lower your scores by finding the equipment that's right for your game and priced right for your budget.  By telling you about the characteristics of older golf equipment as well as the latest in golf technology, we hope to help you find the right equipment for you, your body, your swing type and your price preferences, no matter what they are.

Although the clubs you play with will obviously have a major influence on how well you strike the ball and what will happen during and after impact (the ball's trajectory, distance, accuracy and so forth), your clubs are by no means the only truly important golf equipment you own.  The golf balls you play with will also have a major influence on your ball striking and what happens thereafter.  In fact, more and more golfers - both professionals and "ordinary Joes" - are realizing that using the golf balls that are most suited to their swing is every bit as important as playing with the right clubs.  And golf balls are definitely one area where you can maximize the bang for your buck.

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