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I know a lot of golfers, and every single one of them would love to play better. They'd be thrilled if they could find a way to lower their scores - even if they were only able to drop a stroke or two a round. Golfers (me included) are never satisfied, and we're always looking for ways to get more distance and more accuracy. The never-ending quest to shave strokes off your handicap can become almost an obsession.

Of course, to lower your scores, you need to strike the ball better and more consistently.

Some golfers try to improve their games by buying the latest, greatest clubs every year; others take lessons by the dozens from a teaching pro. Both strategies can be very expensive and the results are often mixed. Fortunately, golf training aids provide another, less expensive way to try to improve your game.

Literally dozens of different golf training aids are on the market. Most of them cost a lot less than even a single new golf club, but their lower cost doesn't mean you don't want to buy the one that could help you the most. After all, if you don't find the right training aid at first and you end up buying several at $75 or $100 (or more) a pop, the cost can really add up.

Golf Training Aid Reviews

That's how our golf training aid reviews can help you. With all the choices that are available, it can be hard to know what each golf training aid tries to do, not to mention which training aids work well and which don't. Not many websites offer golf training aid reviews, but we're including them on our site because we recognize how important making the right choice can be. And, because we're not trying to sell any product, we're not biased in favor of one training aid over another. That means you can always count on our honesty when we're discussing various training aids. Our golf training aid reviews furnish the kind of solid, useful, information you can depend on.

Essentially any golfer - from true beginners all the way up to and including golf pros - can benefit from using a golf training aid. That's why TV coverage of professional golf tournaments sometimes shows a few pros warming up with golf training aids. Hey, if they're good enough for Julie Inkster, they're good enough for me.

Just remember that you're not allowed to use any golf training aids on the course. Julie Inkster was actually disqualified from an LPGA tournament in 2010 for using a weighted training aid on her club while waiting on the tee. It was a shame, because she was only three strokes off the lead at the time.

But getting back to the point, golf training aids can help beginners, professional golfers and middle-handicappers too. If you find the right one and use it properly, it can help you lower your scores.

There are so many different types of golf training aids - full swing trainers, alignment aids, balance and stance training aids, training gloves, special training grips, golf practice nets, instructional DVDs and computer software, putting aids, swing plane aids, tempo aids, and so forth - that anyone searching for the right one probably needs help. So, let us help you find the one that could help your game the most.

We discuss several topics relating to training aids, and we've posted several golf training reviews on our site. Follow the links on this page to find the specific golf training aid reviews and discussions you're looking for. The information we provide includes, among other things, articles on golf swing training aids, golf club training aid equipment, straight arm golf training aid equipment, and golf putting training aid equipment.

No matter what your skill level is, a good golf training aid can help you play better without needing to buy a new set of clubs every year or take dozens of golf lessons. Let our honest, straightforward golf training aid reviews help you shave strokes from your rounds without spending a ton of money like some people do. As always, we encourage you to bookmark our site and sign up for our newsletter because we update it regularly with new reviews and other information we think can help you.

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