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Without putter reviews, finding the right putter could be a daunting, time-consuming task.  After all, there are hundreds of choices.

If you walk into a golf equipment shop unprepared, you could spend hours trying out every putter.  There are just too many choices.  And then there are golf putter training aids and golf travel putters. You can solve that problem by arriving already armed with the type of useful information you'll find in good reviews.

So, there are two things you should do when you're buying a putter.  Start by reading some good, honest, objective reports, like the reviews you'll find here on this site. (We even have some specific advice if you're interested in used putters.)  Then, go somewhere - your pro shop, a golf equipment retailer, or a big-box sporting goods store - and personally try out the particular putters that sound most interesting.

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Some golfers might disagree, but I firmly believe your putter is the most important club in your bag.  After all, even if you're an accomplished golfer, putts usually represent about half of your strokes during any round of golf.  That's 36 strokes on the typical par-72 golf course.  In contrast, you might hit your driver 10 or 12 times (at most) during a round, a fairway wood or hybrid another 10 or 12 times, and irons and wedges for your remaining shots.  So which club sounds like it plays the largest role in your game and has the most influence on your scores?  Your putter, of course!

Putter Reviews

In addition to being the most important club in your bag, your putter is also the most "personal."  By that I mean several things.  First, putters come in a wide variety of head shapes, including blades, mallets, semi-mallets and even belly putters, like for instance Odyssey belly putters.  Most putters are heel-shafted, but they can have different shapes and locations for their shafts/hosels, including plumber necks, straight necks, S-bends and centered shafts.  Odyssey even has an unusual, rear-shafted line of putters called the "BackStryke."  Different putters can have different feels during the stroke, and the feel of the ball coming off the face can be distinctly different from one putter to another.  Putters can be face-balanced or toe-weighted.  They can have different lofts and lie angles, although no putter has much in the way of loft.  They even come in different shaft lengths, ranging from 32 inches all the way up to much longer belly putters.

Putters can differ in other ways as well, but I think you get the picture.  There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you're looking for a new putter.  Our reviews can help you keep it all straight.

Because there are so many different putters, putting strokes and even ways to grip a putter, buying a putter is always an extremely "individual," subjective, personal decision.  In some cases, a golfer buys a putter based on something as inexplicable as "feel."  Other times, it all boils down to how the putter "looks" when the golfer is standing over the ball.  But, there are a whole range of other considerations as well.   Buying a new putter is probably the most "individualistic" decision you'll make with respect to golf equipment.  There is, however, a particular combination of characteristics that will be best for any golfer's individual putting stroke and skill level.  You just need to know what to look for.

More Putter Reviews

That's where our putter reviews come in so handy.  There are such a tremendous number of variables involved with putters that you'd wear yourself out if you decided to personally test every putter currently on the market.  You'd spend countless days doing it, too.  Our putter reviews can help you save time and energy by helping you narrow down your choices before you try even one new putter.

You might like the "look" of a PING Scottsdale Wolverine putter, for example, or the unusual-looking Scotty Cameron Detour putter but reading our putter reviews might help you come to understand that you just wouldn't like its soft face insert.  Or maybe you'd realize that you'd probably love it, so you should give it a try.  You need to do some research - like reading some good putter reviews.  Then, you can try out just those putters that are the most promising-sounding candidates.

Most putters on today's market are well-made, but a putter one golfer hates will be loved by someone else.  That's how "personal" and "individual" putters really are.  We review Tour Edge putters, PING putters, Nike putters, Odyssey putters, TaylorMade putters, Titleist putters (Scotty Cameron putters) and Wilson putters among others.  Please feel free to put our putter reviews to good use - they can help you narrow down your choices.

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