Pinnacle Golf Balls:  Performance at a Low Price

Pinnacle golf balls have long been the average golfer's top choice for low-cost distance balls. In fact, Pinnacle is a golf ball company which has always produced balls that are appreciated by recreational golfers.

In the old days, they were the type of balls that a lot of people called "rocks" - they felt rock-hard when you hit them, but you kept using them because they were cheap and they went a respectable distance. Fortunately, we don't have to hit rocks anymore.

Thanks to Pinnacle, the words "soft" and "distance" can now actually be used in the same sentence when you're talking about golf balls. Pinnacle golf balls are proving to all of us that distance balls don't have to be hard. The company's current balls are the Pinnacle Dimension, Gold Precision, Gold Distance, Ribbon White, Ribbon Clear Pearlescent Pink, and, of course, the Pinnacle Exception. Some of the company's more popular balls from the past include the Pinnacle Platinum Feel, Platinum Distance, Power Core, Gold FX Soft and Gold FX Long, but there have been many others. I'll quickly describe a few of the popular golf balls that are currently available.

The Pinnacle Dimension

Its MSRP is only $18 per dozen (with a street price that's in the neighborhood of $14 per dozen), but the Pinnacle Dimension plays like it costs more. It's a two-piece ball with a large, soft core and a soft, thin but tough ionomer cover that has been optimized for distance, durability and dispersion (Pinnacle calls it their "3 Dimensional" cover). As a result, the Pinnacle Dimension lets you go long, but it also gives you feel and control around the greens. It tends to promote a high trajectory, which can help golfers who hit more than their share of "worm-burners." If your swing speed is fast enough, you can use your wedge to spin the Dimension and watch it stick or suck back on the green. A helpful alignment aid is stamped on the ball to help with lining up putts.

The Pinnacle Ribbon (Available in White and Clear Pearlescent Pink)

Many golf ball companies are now making balls designed specifically for lady golfers, and Pinnacle is no exception. The Pinnacle golf balls that fall into the "women's ball" category are the Ribbon White and the Ribbon Clear Pearlescent Pink. Other than the color of their covers, these two Pinnacle golf balls are identical. Both feature a soft ionomer cover and a soft, low-compression core for softer feel, more control over the short game, and more overall distance from tee to green. Their 392-dimple design also helps to promote more consistent ball flight with a tighter dispersion area. Despite being soft, the company guarantees that the cover is so durable that it's cut-proof.

Even better, golfers who play this ball are declaring their support for the ongoing efforts to find a cure for breast cancer. In keeping with Pinnacle's dedication to increasing breast cancer awareness and the company's membership in the Susan G. Komen Foundation Million Dollar Council, both versions of the Ribbon ball are imprinted with the Komen for the Cure logo and the pink ribbon that has become so closely associated with the struggle against breast cancer. The MSRP for these Pinnacle golf balls is an affordable $18.00 for 15 balls. Street price is probably closer to $15.00.

The Pinnacle Exception

There are longer distance balls than the Pinnacle Exception. There are softer balls, too. But this ball does an excellent job of balancing the right combination of distance, softness and feel. It's long, but it will also give you plenty of control on your iron shots, especially approach shots hit with a short iron or a wedge. It also tends to fly straight because it's so soft it minimizes sidespin off the driver. And, like the Pinnacle Ribbon, the Exception carries a cut-proof guarantee. In short, the Pinnacle Exception is an "exceptional" overall ball for the average golfer, and its MSRP is only $24.99 for 20 balls.

Pinnacle golf balls have always been popular. Their playing characteristics have always been suited to a large number of players, and their cost has always been comparatively low. But, Pinnacle golf balls aren't "rocks" anymore - they've evolved into balls that are softer and more playable. In light of their performance and price, you just might want to try some Pinnacle golf balls.

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