The Adams Idea a7 Integrated Hybrid/Iron Set

Does the idea of an integrated hybrid/iron set intrigue you? Here’s our review of the Adams Idea a7 set, which includes hybrids in addition to its irons.

I’ll begin by quoting from Golf Digest: if you’re considering an integrated hybrid/iron set, “few companies do it better than Adams.” This integrated set is the winner of a Golf Digest “Hot List” 2010 Gold Medal. It was also rated as the year’s “Best Value.”

The Adams Idea a7 set has two hybrids (3H and 4H), a hollow-design 5-iron, and cavity-back short irons (6 through PW) the company says have been optimized for scoring. You’ll notice no long irons are included. That’s because easy-to-hit hybrids substitute for the difficult-to-hit long irons that would otherwise be in the set. And even better, Adams has made the transition from the hybrids to the irons feel essentially seamless. In fact, the distance gapping from one club to the next seems flawless.

Adams Golf believes integrated sets like the Adams Idea a7 represent the true future of iron sets. Every club in the set – hybrids and irons alike – has been individually engineered to flow into the next and perform better than the clubs in a conventional iron set.

Without question, these Idea a7 hybrids are among the best hybrid clubs you can buy. Bar none. They were ranked the No. 1 hybrid on the PGA Tour for 2008 and 2009. And, they’ve captured the top ranking on the Champions Tour every year since 2005. I figure, if Adams Idea a7 hybrids are good enough for the pros, they’re good enough for me.

But why are the hybrids in the Adams Idea a7 set so highly rated?

Well, the set’s 3- and 4-hybrid promote a higher launch angle and more distance than a traditional 3- or 4-iron. That’s good, of course. But they’re also a lot easier to hit and more forgiving than their iron counterparts. They’re loaded with technology that can improve any golfer’s game, from a professional to a true beginner.

What about the irons?

The 5-iron features a patented hollow-back design and a thin face to maximize distance. It also provides the perfect bridge between the hybrids and the short irons in the set. The loft and distance of this club slot smoothly into the gap between the 4-hybrid and the 6-iron. The short irons in the set (6-iron through pitching wedge) feature a dual cavity back and stabilizer bar that promote forgiveness on miss-hits and enhance the clubs’ feel. Their sole widths and thinner top lines have been optimized for the workability that better golfers need for their short game. Overall, the short irons have been designed to maximize any golfer’s scoring potential.

So, how do the Adams Idea a7 clubs perform out on the course?

The set is available with steel or graphite shafts. I have a strong preference for graphite due to my average swing speed, so that’s what I hit.

First, let me say that the gold-on-black color scheme of the Adams Idea a7 set is attractive – at least to me. Appearance isn’t everything in a set of golf clubs, but it’s important to like how they look. If you think your clubs are ugly, they won’t exactly inspire confidence.

The hybrids had a nice look at address, and I loved the ball flight. I have a 4-iron in my own set of clubs, and I normally hit it pretty well, but I have to admit these hybrids flew not only higher, but longer than my 4-iron. They were easier to hit too, even when I was in some pretty gnarly rough.

The 5-iron has a hollow-back design that’s different from the other irons in the set. It’s intended to provide a smooth transition between the hybrids and the short irons, so it has some characteristics of both. Its hollow back makes it almost play like a hybrid but it swings like an iron. It was easy to hit compared to a lot of other 5-irons, and the ball flight was a little higher and longer than I’m used to. Straight and true, just like I like it.

The short irons in the Adams Idea a7 set are dual cavity-backs. They were accurate and produced high ball flights, like the other clubs in the set. Adams Golf says they’re engineered to promote workability, but for me they flew straight. I suspect “straight” is what most average golfers are looking for anyway. When I hit the sweet spot they felt great; when I miss-hit the ball I felt some vibrations but nothing that was overly harsh. It was just enough feedback to let me know I’d missed the shot.

The Bottom Line: No complaints here. The Adams Idea a7 clubs are a solid, well-integrated set of hybrids and irons that I’d be proud to play myself.

Adams Idea a7: Bottom Line

No complaints here. The Adams Idea a7 clubs are a solid, well-integrated set of hybrids and irons that I’d be proud to play myself.

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