The Adams RPM Iron Set Can be a Great Start for Beginners

I have to admit to being a bit puzzled about why more people haven't heard of the Adams RPM iron set.  Adams Golf is a reputable company which has been creating innovative, quality golf clubs since Barney Adams founded it back in 1987.  And, its clubs have always been known for having comparatively low prices and excellent craftsmanship.  I've owned a few Adams clubs over the years myself.  But, I have to admit that even I had never heard of the Adams RPM iron set until recently.

Maybe the explanation for the Adams RPM iron set being so relatively unknown is because the company does such a fine job marketing some of its other clubs, especially the Adams Idea hybrid-irons, the company's Speedline drivers and the old Tight Lies woods.  Maybe the Adams RPM iron set just got lost in the shuffle.  That's the only explanation I can think of, anyway, because these irons could be a fine choice for beginners and golfers with higher handicaps.  They would also make a great extra set for golfers who travel frequently to the same destination.  For example, a lot of people who live in Florida "go north" every summer to visit relatives.  If you travel this way and you buy the set, you could keep the clubs at your relative's house and not have to lug them back and forth.  It's an inexpensive way to avoid the risk of damage, loss and theft (and you'd avoid getting a hernia from carrying them through the airport all those times).

The clubs in the set feature a cavity-back design, oversized heads to inspire confidence, and heel-toe weighting for additional forgiveness.  They're intended to be easy to hit, help players who struggle with getting the ball up high in the air, and be forgiving on hits that are struck less than purely.  Basically, each of the clubs in the set is engineered to help less skillful players hit the ball higher, farther and straighter.

There's nothing fancy about the clubs in the Adams RPM iron set, although they are well-constructed and use the kind of design technology that can definitely help struggling golfers.  They don't come with titanium heads or exotic shafts - the choices include True TemperĀ® Uniflex steel shafts or 80-gram graphite shafts in senior flex.  What they are, though, is a solid starter set at a really nice price.  Right-handed and left-handed versions of the set are available.  I've come across a couple of set configurations, including an 8-club set that includes a 4-iron through 9-iron, a pitching wedge and a gap wedge with senior flex graphite shafts, and an 8-club set with steel shafts that comes with a 4-iron through 9-iron, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge instead of a gap wedge.

The RPM 431 stainless steel construction of these clubs means they're durable, so people who buy them will be able to use the set many years into the future.  They also provide the type of playability that Adams Golf has become known for, including cavity back designs and heel/toe weighting for increased forgiveness.  The clubs in the Adams RPM iron set feature a progressive offset to minimize the tendency to slice that is so common among higher-handicap players, and their progressive face height lowers the center of gravity to create optimal conditions for launching the ball.  Overall, their design is intended to be easy to hit, promote high ball trajectories, and maximize distance.

Like I said, I can't figure out why more people don't know about the Adams RPM iron set.  And I haven't even mentioned one of the best things about these clubs:  it's easy to find brand new, complete sets for less than $300 - and sometimes they're available for a lot less!  That's great value - the sort of value that Adams Golf is known for.

Adams RPM iron set: Bottom Line

Whether you'll like the Adams RPM iron set may depend on your skill level and budget.  This is a great set for beginners or higher-handicap players, but better golfers may prefer different clubs.  These irons won't empty your bank account, but they still have a lot of nice playing characteristics that can help a lot of golfers play better and enjoy being out on the golf course.

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