Adams Golf Introduces New Technology in Its Adams Speedline F11 Fairway Woods

Adams Golf claims its Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods are the "longest and most forgiving" woods the company has ever created.  In light of the excellent woods Adams has offered in the past (remember the famous Tight Lies?), that's a pretty strong claim.  Can Adams back it up?  Are the 2011 Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods really all that good?  Read on to learn what I found out.

Adams says its patent-pending, revolutionary "Velocity Slot Technology" improves forgiveness on hits made heel-to-toe across the face, but it also increases distance on shots hit flush on the sweet spot.  The company claims that by using Velocity Slot Technology, these fairway woods have a Coefficient of Restitution (CoR) similar to that of many drivers.  The result is a forgiving fairway wood that is easy to hit and capable of producing higher ball velocities on center-cut hits, with five to twelve yards of additional distance.

I have to agree with those distance claims.  In fact, the ball seemed to jump off the face of the clubs I tested:  a titanium 3-wood fitted with a high-launching, regular flex Aldila VooDoo VS7 graphite shaft and a stainless steel 5-wood with a mid-launching, regular flex Matrix Ozik XCON graphite shaft.  Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods are available in titanium and stainless steel models, and I'm told that between the two types, the titanium versions promote a higher ball flight.

The drag-reducing, aerodynamic properties of the Velocity Slot Technology are caused by two visible channels that are cut into the crown and the sole of the club just behind the face.  In addition to producing faster ball speeds and a greater "spring-like effect" across the face, these Velocity Slots are designed to create a higher launch angle and increase forgiveness by creating a significantly higher Moment of Inertia.

The Velocity Slot on the top of the head was a bit distracting until I got used to seeing it (it didn't take that long).  Once I did, I just thought of it as being an elongated alignment aid.  Both clubs set up nicely behind the ball and had the type of look that made me feel as though I'd make a good swing.  The Adams Speedine F11 fairway woods felt balanced throughout my swings and I never wondered what the heads were up to during my backswings.

When I hit the 3-wood well, the ball flew long but surprisingly high.  I'm not sure how much of that high trajectory was due to the club head design, how much was because the head was the titanium version, and how much was due to the Aldila VooDoo VS7 graphite shaft.  The 5-wood (which was a stainless steel model) had the type of medium trajectory I'm used to.  Again, I'm not sure how much that ball flight was because of the club head design, the fact that it was a steel-headed club, and how much was due to the Matrix Ozik XCON graphite shaft.  Sound and feel at impact were unexpectedly good, considering these clubs have slots built into the face.

Men's Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods are available in several configurations:  a strong-3 (3+) with a 13.5 degree loft, a standard 3 with a 15 degree loft, and a 5 with an 18 degree loft.  Stainless steel and titanium heads are available, although the titanium versions cost about $100 more per club.  Ladies clubs are available in 3-, 5- and 7-woods.

Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods: The Bottom Line

I'd have a hard time thinking of any woods that I hit longer than I hit the two clubs I tested.  I actually hit the 3-wood high enough that the ball was able to land softly on the green and stick there - something I rarely accomplish when I'm coming in with a 3-wood.  Both clubs were forgiving enough that I didn't lose a significant amount of distance on my off-center hits, and the balls typically stayed right on my target line.

I understand why Tom Watson plays Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods - after all, he's been sponsored by Adams Golf for quite some time now.  But up-and-coming PGA Tour star Ryan Moore plays them too, and now I understand why.  Adams Speedline F11 fairway woods are long, forgiving, and easy to hit, and that's exactly what we all want and need in our fairway woods.

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