Putting a Clever Spin on Golf Bags: The Bag Boy Revolver Pro Review

Winner of a Gold Medal on the Golf Digest Hot List, the Bag Boy Revolver Pro is putting a clever spin on today’s golf bags. I don’t own this particular Bag Boy, but I’ve used its predecessor – the original Bag Boy Revolver - for five or six years now. There are multiple design and manufacturing similarities between the model I own and this updated version, so I feel pretty well qualified to write this review of the Bag Boy Revolver Pro golf bag.

Back when I was shopping for a bag, the Bag Boy Revolver’s 14 full-length club dividers were its most appealing feature. I wanted a bag that would protect the shafts and heads of my clubs better than the “regular” bags that used 7 or 8 partial club dividers. With that older, more conventional design, it’s inevitable that the heads of your clubs will shift around and clang into each other, eventually causing damage. They’ll also get mixed up and out of order. And partial dividers are unable to protect your shafts anywhere near as well as full-length dividers.

So, the Bag Boy Revolver golf bag caught my eye, and I ended up buying one. I’m glad I did. It’s now five or six years later, and I can report that my clubs’ heads and shafts really have been well-protected by this setup. The Bag Boy Revolver Pro uses the same system of 14 full-length club dividers, so it should work every bit as well as my bag. It’s fair to say this bag is a “deluxe” version of the bag I bought all those years ago.

But some other golf bags use a similar divider system. There are two things that really put the Bag Boy Revolver Pro head-and-shoulders above the rest: its revolving top; and the quality of its materials and construction. I’ll start with the revolving top, because that’s the first thing everyone notices about the bag.

The rubberized top portion of the bag (the part that holds the club dividers) is a mechanism that works like a Lazy Susan for your golf clubs - the entire assembly rotates a full 360 degrees. This clever revolving mechanism (from which the Bag Boy Revolver Pro takes its name) allows you to quickly access every club in your bag with just a simple little twist. It eliminates all the fumbling while you’re trying to grab a specific club. Just rotate the top until the club you want comes ‘round to the front.

It gets better, though. The side of each slot in the club divider system includes a built-in “Clip-Lok” that gently grabs the club’s shaft to hold it firmly in place. The Clip-Loks protect your clubs by preventing them from banging against each other. They also eliminate those annoying clinking sounds that are caused by clubs shifting around.

My original Revolver also uses the Clip-Lok system. For several years, it worked really well. Now, however, I think the effects of time and use have caught up with it. Friction from inserting and removing my clubs from the Clip-Loks countless times over the years appears to have loosened them, and they don’t grip my clubs as tightly as in the beginning.

But hey, I can’t complain. I play four to five times a week (every week) and my bag is five or six years old, so I think the Clip-Loks hung in there pretty well. I’m just pointing this out as something to watch for as the bag gets a little age on it. Everything else about this bag should hold up really well.

And that brings me to the quality of this bag’s materials and construction. It uses some type of heavy-duty nylon which holds up extremely well over time. The zippers all slide smoothly (even in my older bag) and everything seems like it’s made very solidly. Oh, and it has plenty of storage pockets, a removable cooler pocket and two putter wells.

My one knock on the bag is its weight – 9.5 pounds. This is just a minor issue, though. After all, the Bag Boy Revolver Pro is a cart bag (pull cart or motorized), not a carry bag. And, I believe its heaviness is the result of the high quality materials and features that are built into the bag.

Bag Boy Revolver Pro Review: The Bottom Line

This would be an awesome bag even if the top didn’t revolve. It protects your clubs, has plenty of storage pockets, and it’s made of top-quality materials. It’s not cheap, but it’s extremely durable. Based on my original Revolver, the Bag Boy Revolver Pro will look and work great for a lot longer than most other bags. I’d buy one in a second – if my original version ever wears out!

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