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Staff bag, cart bag, stand bag or Sunday bag? A high quality Callaway golf bag could meet your needs no matter which type of bag you're looking for.

The golf bags sold by club makers give you an eye-catching way to show how much you like a company's golf clubs. But even more important, golf bags made by club companies emphasize quality, durability and functionality. After all, if you buy a Callaway golf bag, the Callaway name is on the line. And Callaway Golf has a lot invested in its reputation. It's not going to jeopardize its relationship with its customers or its excellent reputation just to save a few bucks by making a shoddy golf bag. So, when you buy a Callaway golf bag you can be sure you're buying quality.

There's a Callaway golf bag that would be suitable for just about any golfer, because the company makes and sells a variety of staff bags, cart bags and stand/carry bags.

The company's current staff bags include the stylish black-and-red RAZR Staff bag and the equally attractive red-and-black Diablo Octane Staff bag. Weighing in at 13 pounds, both bags are large and substantial. With just a few exceptions (including the reversal of the bags' primary color and the inclusion of a lockable valuables pocket and a magnetic ball pocket in the Diablo Octane), the two staff bags are virtually identical. Both offer 10 pockets, what Callaway calls a "redesigned Wishbone Power Handle," a 6-way top and 2 full-length dividers, a carry strap and a "Perfect Balance Base." The valuables pocket of the RAZR Staff bag doesn't lock, and its ball pocket doesn't have the magnetic closure featured on the Diablo Octane bag.

In addition to its staff bags, Callaway offers several cart bags. They include the Org. 14X, the Org. 14 Sport, the Org. 14 Xtreme, the Org. 7 and the Women's Sport. The number, placement and type of pockets, as well as weight, colors and other characteristics, vary from model to model, but they all feature quality construction and the Callaway name. For example, the Org. 14X weighs less than 7 pounds but is designed to provide a full range of convenient, easily accessible features. Its 10 pockets are all accessible while it's on a golf cart and include a ball pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, an insulated beverage pocket and apparel pockets. It also comes with three grab handles, an integrated putter well, and a "Concealed Strap Tunnel" to prevent the bag from twisting or coming free while on a cart. Most importantly, however, this particular golf bag uses a 14-way stadium top to protect your clubs.

The stand/carry bags that are currently being sold by Callaway Golf include the Hyper-Lite 4.0 and Hyper-Lite 3.0 models, the X-22, the Diablo Edge, and the Warbird Xtreme. As with the company's cart bags, the number, location and type of pockets, weight, colors and other features of these stand bags depend on the particular model of Callaway golf bag. The Hyper-Lite 4.0 model, for example, has 6-way full-length dividers, but it also has a foam hip pad and padded, 4-point double carry strap to enhance the golfer's comfort. Its additional features include custom-molded zipper pulls and an astonishing 11 pockets, including a custom ball pocket, a water bottle pocket and a valuables pocket lined with velour. And, it somehow manages all of this while weighing only 4 pounds! It's available in several attractive color combinations.

Finally, Callaway also offers what many of us would call a "Sunday bag" or "pencil bag." It's called the "Strike," a name that's appropriate for an ultra-lightweight bag. This particular Callaway golf bag is perfect for quick trips to the driving range, but it's also a highly transportable bag that easily fits in the trunk of your car. The Strike takes a no-frills approach and doesn't have a stand mechanism, but it accommodates 14 clubs, has a double carry strap and several useful pockets. It's also collapsible for storage or travel. What more could you ask from a Callaway golf bag that only weighs 2 pounds?

As you can see, there's a Callaway golf bag for just about every need. They're well-constructed, well-designed and, with the Callaway name emblazoned on them, they let you show your pride in being a Callaway golfer. You can look for a Callaway golf bag at all the usual places, including pro shops, golf equipment stores and online retailers.

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