Cleveland Golf Wedges Review: Are They a Good Idea?

Cleveland Golf wedges have always had a reputation for excellence. But should you bother getting one or two for your bag, or are extra wedges mostly just for the pros? And, would wedges made by Cleveland Golf be a good choice if you do decide to get some new short-game sticks?

Your short game influences your score more than any other part of your game. And wedges are a crucial aspect of any golfer’s short game. That’s why the pros carry several.

Your set of irons undoubtedly includes at least one wedge and maybe two - a pitching wedge, for sure, and possibly a sand wedge. Every golfer needs both those types of wedges, so if the only wedge in your set is a pitching wedge, you’ll need to buy a separate sand wedge. A few iron sets include a pitching wedge and a gap or approach wedge instead of a sand wedge, in which case you’d also need to buy a separate sand wedge. Either way, Cleveland Golf wedges can help you out.

All these wedges – pitching wedges, sand wedges and gap/approach wedges – are available in various lofts. Many (especially sand wedges) also come in different “bounces” (the angle of the sole to the ground). A wedge with a lower bounce angle will perform better off tight lies and in thin, compacted sand, while a higher bounce angle is more suitable for fluffy sand, tall grass and thick rough. So, even if your iron set does come with a couple of wedges, they might not be the most suitable for your particular swing or the course conditions where you typically play. Once again, Cleveland wedges can help.

But there’s another other type of wedge in addition to pitching wedges, sand wedges and gap/approach wedges. Lob wedges, first popularized by the pros, are now becoming more popular with avid amateur players. They have such high lofts (60 to 64 degrees) that they produce pitches that seem to almost go straight up and down, landing softly and sticking on the greens. A lob wedge can be a stroke-saver in some situations, but I don’t know of any iron sets that include one in their standard configuration.

So, there are several reasons for buying an extra wedge or two, even though you’re not a professional. But why Cleveland instead of a different brand?

Well, most people think of two brands first whenever they’re in the market for new wedges: Titleist Vokey Design® and Cleveland. Both brands are superior in quality and design. We review several Cleveland wedges on this site because of their consistently excellent playing characteristics.

Here’s a partial list of the wedges we’ve reviewed on our site, followed by a quick synopsis of their features. If you’d like more details on one of these wedges, just click on the link and read our full review.

  • Cleveland 588 wedge: The forged Cleveland 588 wedge combines a classic appearance with superb short-game performance. Now updated and enhanced with Cleveland’s Tour Zip Grooves™ and Laser Milled™ face technology, the Cleveland 588 has been ranked the #1 wedge of all time. It features an exceptionally soft, buttery feel.
  • Cleveland CG11 wedge: This older Cleveland wedge can still be found in the bags of many golfers. It’s not one of the forged Cleveland Golf wedges, but it feels and plays like it is.
  • Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl wedge: With its beautiful black, non-glare finish, the Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl looks just as great as it plays. If you want a wedge with looks and performance that stand out from the rest, think about looking into this one.
  • Cleveland CG15 wedge: When Cleveland Golf first starting selling this wedge, it announced that the Cleveland CG15 was the best-performing of all the Cleveland Golf wedges. That’s saying something, considering that Cleveland Golf wedges have won 25 majors and more than 300 PGA Tour events. This particular wedge features Cleveland’s Tour Zip Grooves™ and Laser Milled™ face technology, and it combines superb spin and feel with the ability to be played from any type of lie.
  • Cleveland CG16 wedge: The CG16 also uses Cleveland’s Tour Zip Grooves™ and Laser Milled™ face technology to promote spin and deliver a solid-but-soft feel. It’s available in two finishes: Black Pearl and Satin Chrome. Like other Cleveland Golf wedges, it comes in a variety of loft and bounce angles.

These are just a few of the fine Cleveland Golf wedges. I’m willing to bet at least one of them could help your short game. Please bookmark our site and come back often. We post new golf equipment reviews on an almost daily basis, and we’ll be reviewing new Cleveland Golf wedges as and when they come out.

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