The Cobra S2 Driver Review

Your first paragraph Cobra introduced two new drivers in 2010: the Cobra S2 driver we're reviewing here, and the Cobra ZL which is discussed separately on this website. Both drivers feature the latest in golf club design and technology, and both are high quality offerings by one of the industry's premier club manufacturers.

Recently, I borrowed a friend's Cobra S2 driver and played it during a couple of rounds. I'd like to share my impressions with all of you, so please feel free to read this review of the Cobra S2 driver.

My friend's club is a 10.5-degree with the stock 46-inch, 65-gram Fujikura Fit-On Max regular flex shaft - lucky for me, since I normally play that loft and I'm fine with the flex. The Cobra S2 driver also comes in 9.5 and 11.5 degree lofts. Offset and women's versions (standard and offset) are available.

This driver features the company's latest "core" technologies to promote additional distance and accuracy: "Adjustable Flight Technology" or AFT, an adjustable hosel which lets golfers set the face angle to a closed, neutral or open position in order to achieve the desired ball flight; and "9 Point Face Technology," which Cobra says causes off-center hits to react as if impact occurred in the center of the clubface. The offset version of the club does not come with AFT - the company probably (and correctly) assumes that most offset buyers have a tendency to slice and wouldn't be interested in a club that helps them hit it even farther to the right.

The head of the Cobra S2 driver is all titanium - crown, body and face. It's more traditional in appearance than some of the company's other recent drivers. Aesthetically, it's a beautiful, rich-looking club with an ebony black Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish. I liked the way it set up at address and everything about it made me feel confident while standing over the ball. The all-black color scheme and classic shape make the Cobra S2 driver look like a mean machine that's capable of launching impressive drives.

This club is more than just a pretty face, however.

I'm usually not all that fond of adjustable drivers. The whole adjustable thing just seems like a lot of bother. But, I can see how the technology could help someone who constantly battles a tendency to slice or hook the ball. Someone in that position could use the AFT technology in the Cobra S2 driver to promote a ball flight that's different than their normal shot. The club comes with a torque wrench which is inserted into the hosel and then turned to set the face angle to neutral (to promote a straight ball flight), 1.5 degrees closed (to promote a draw or minimize a tendency to slice), or 1.5 degrees open (to promote a fade or combat a tendency to hook). I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to adjust the club. With only three choices, I didn't feel like I needed a calculator to determine which specific setting would be best for my swing. Adjusting the club was also pretty effective. I normally hit a little draw, but when I set the club face open the ball either flew straight or had a slight fade. I didn't try the closed setting because I'd probably have hooked it due to my natural draw.

Ball flight was a medium-high trajectory with no sign of ballooning. The Fujikura Fit-On Max shaft is a little longer than normal, and when I got too quick I had a tendency to spray the ball (I think because of the shaft's extra length). Once I got my tempo under control, I started hitting fairways. Distance was impressive, with good carry and roll. And, even better, I didn't seem to lose all that much distance on off-center hits - this kind of forgiveness could help a tremendous number of golfers. Sound and feel at impact was equally impressive, and the solid "crack" sounded not just crisp, but powerful.

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a driver that will give you added distance but still be forgiving, consider trying the Cobra S2 driver. I loved its looks, it gave me confidence, it sounded powerful, and it gave me well above average distance and forgiveness. It could be a great club for a golfer of any skill level, so maybe this adjustable driver thing isn't so bad after all!

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