Discount Golf Club Sets Can Be a Good Option

Discount golf club sets are frequently sought after by many golfers. Most of the golfers I've met - and there are a lot of them - would happily go to great lengths in order to help their overall game. Some of them have put themselves into thousands of dollars of debt in order to buy the "latest and greatest" clubs from their favorite name-brand manufacturers. And some of them buy entire new sets of clubs at least annually, year in and year out. After a few years, that can add up to a ton of money.

Sure, we'd all love to play with the latest, most technologically advanced clubs out there. And naturally, most of us would prefer using clubs made by one of the top of the line club companies. But buying those kinds of clubs can be very expensive, especially if you replace them every year or two.

If you're like me you'll want (or need) to try to reduce the expense when you replace your old clubs. For that matter, if you're just buying your first set of clubs, how can you do it affordably?

Well, here are a few helpful strategies you can use to save some money when you're buying new golf clubs. These strategies go about it differently, but they all boil down to buying affordable golf club sets.

  • If you're a beginning golfer, consider buying one of the sets that are made by second- or third-tier golf club companies. You don't need to spend thousands on the latest clubs made by Callaway, PING, TaylorMade or one of the other top-shelf club manufacturers. One of the affordable golf club sets made by lesser-known club companies will be good enough to let any beginning golfer get started. In fact, many of them are good enough for most amateur golfers. That means this strategy can also work well for experienced golfers who want to replace their clubs fairly inexpensively.
  • Beginners might also want to consider buying one of the golf club sets that are offered by companies that specialize in clone golf clubs. Many cloned golf clubs use quality components, are well-constructed and use designs that are similar to the name-brand clubs they're modeled after. They're available at a fraction of the cost that buying even second- or third-tier clubs would involve. Assuming you decide to continue playing, you can always upgrade after your skills start improving. However, some golfers who want to save money continue buying discount golf club sets from clone club companies long after their handicaps have become respectable.
  • Another strategy for both beginners and experienced golfers to consider involves buying a recent (but not the latest) model of clubs made by their choice of manufacturer. Even the top-rated golf club companies mark down their older lines of clubs after their new models come out. This is a great way to buy high quality clubs at prices that are much more affordable. In fact, this is the main strategy I use when I'm looking for new clubs.
  • Gently used golf clubs are often available at discounted prices. I've done this, too - I once bought a two year old TaylorMade driver for $25! I used that club for several years. Best $25 I ever spent on golf equipment.
  • Look online for discount golf club sets. Many reputable websites offer them for sale. eBay is loaded with discount golf club sets, and so is Amazon. You might also try looking on Overstock or Craigslist. And, in addition to those options, many well-known golf equipment retailers also sell discount golf club sets online. I've personally bought clubs from (Golfsmith), (Edwin Watts), (The Golf Warehouse), (Global Golf) and (Golfio). For what it's worth, I can vouch for all of them. These sites, along with dozens of others, can make it easy to find discount golf club sets.

Saving money is important to many golfers, especially in the current troubled economic climate. The wide availability of discount golf club sets makes it possible to save a substantial amount of cash while you're buying a new set of golf clubs. Our site includes a large number of golf club reviews that we hope will help you choose the clubs that are right for you and your game.

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