Tips That Can Fix A Golf Slice

Do you hit a lot of slices? If so, here are some tips that can fix a golf slice.

Way too many golfers slice the ball – especially when they’re hitting their driver or fairway wood. But even the pros hit an unintentional slice every so often. For many golfers, a slice is their most common shot shape, and that’s a shame. In addition to robbing you of distance, slices often cause you to miss the fairway and end up in trouble. That’s why we’re posting these tips to help you out. If you hit the ball straight or with a slight draw, your ball will travel farther and you’ll get into trouble a lot less.

Most golfers would love to fix their slice and hit the ball straight. There’s really only one situation where a slice can come in handy: if you need to curve the ball around an obstacle (a tree, for example) between you and the green. Accomplished golfers can pull off this shot by hitting an intentional slice, but for most of us a slice is just a big mistake. The tips below can help you fix a golf slice. It might be easier than you think.

A slice is the result of the club head being “open” when it strikes the ball. So, when you want to fix a golf slice, you need to learn how to hit the ball with a “neutral” club face (square to the ball, not pointing to the right or the left). Your slice is probably being caused by a setup or alignment issue, a flawed grip and/or a swing fault or two, and you might need to make more than one change to eliminate it. But, it’s just a matter of identifying the causes, making corrections and then practicing.

Some causes are more common than others, and some are very easy to correct. Just remember that it's pretty important to look at your setup and alignment first (both are easy to correct if they’re not right).

Correcting Setup and Alignment Issues

Having a proper setup and aligning yourself to the ball properly can help you fix a golf slice.

  • As you’re standing over the ball, make sure your feet, hips and shoulders are all aligned toward your target. A “square alignment” or “square stance” like this can help you achieve a square club face at impact. When you want to fix a golf slice, avoid taking an open stance (your back foot – the right for right-handers – is closer to the ball than your forward foot so it looks like you’re aiming left) at all costs. An open stance promotes an open club head at impact, and that’s a big no-no for someone who wants to fix a golf slice.
  • At address, position your forward foot directly beneath your forward shoulder, at least for most full shots. If your forward foot is too far forward, the ball will be too far back in your stance. Your club face will probably still be open at impact and you’ll be likely to hit a slice.

Correcting Grip Issues

Grip issues can also cause a slice. As you address the ball, check your grip in addition to ensuring that your setup and alignment are correct.

  • Grasping the club too tightly can restrict your swing and result in the club face being left open at impact. Grip the club as lightly and loosely as possible - just firmly enough to keep the club under control.
  • A grip that’s too “weak” can also cause a slice because it tends to cause an open club head. Grasp your club as if you’re about to hit, but look down at your hands. If you can’t see at least two knuckles on your forward hand (your left hand if you’re right-handed), you need to “strengthen” your grip because it’s too weak. Rotate your hands away from your target (to the right if you’re right-handed) until you can see two knuckles on your forward hand. Don’t let the shaft rotate while you’re repositioning your hands.

Correcting Swing Flaws Can Fix a Golf Slice

Various swing flaws can also result in an open club face at impact. The result is often a nasty slice.

  • Don’t “over-swing.” Poor tempo and “trying to kill the ball” are common causes of a slice because you tend to leave the club face open. Make a smooth, rhythmic swing and lead with your hips instead of your hands. Making a full hip turn can also help you hit the ball straight.
  • Avoid the temptation to lift your head too soon in your swing. A lot of players want to watch their balls, but let your playing partners do that for you, because raising your head too quickly can cause you to hit a slice.

These tips can help you fix a golf slice. You’ll need patience and practice, but the results will be worth it.

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