Golf Practice Nets – Using a Golf Training Net Could Help Almost Every Golfer

Golf practice nets can save you time and money. And having your own golf training net can make working on your game more convenient, fun and productive. These useful training aids can help you work on your drives, iron play and chipping whenever you like.

Let’s face it. We could all use more practice. But sometimes the driving range seems like it’s just too far away to bother. Or the time it takes to drive there and back eats up too much of the time you have available to hit balls. Wouldn’t it nice to be able to hit balls basically whenever you want – even if you only have five minutes of free time to do it? Well, that’s where golf practice nets come in. A golf training net set up in the back yard could help almost every golfer.

Once you have your own golf training net, you won’t need to drive to the range to practice. That will save you time and money, and because your practice sessions won’t involve a car ride and lugging your clubs in and out of your trunk, you’ll be motivated to practice more often. Most importantly, you’ll be able to work out the kinks in your game before heading to the golf course for your round.

Three main types of golf training nets are commercially available. Some are tent-like affairs with a roof and three “walls” made of strong nylon fabric or mesh netting. You stand in the “mouth” of the tent and hit into the back wall of the net, which serves as a backstop for the balls. Many of these training aids have a bulls-eye style “target” on their back wall to make aiming your shots easier. And some of these tent-style golf training nets have a ball-collection system that automatically feeds balls back to the front (the “mouth” area). These net “systems” are ideal for back yard hitting of any type, but at $150 or more they can be fairly expensive.

Other golf practice nets use simpler, more basic designs. This type of golf training net consists of nylon mesh netting stretched across a sturdy metal frame. Because these golf practice nets don’t have any walls or ceilings to “trap” the balls as you’re hitting, the balls are more likely to fly over or off to the side of the net. When that happens, you’ll have to retrieve the balls yourself. Of course, this type of golf training net is cheaper than the tent-style which has a roof and is enclosed on three sides. In my personal opinion, this basic style works best for chipping practice – you won’t have to walk very far to collect any mishit chips. Unlike tent-style golf practice nets, this setup doesn’t have walls that contain errant balls, so if you hit a shank or a pop-up you might have to do some walking to retrieve your ball. Even so, they’re great for golfers with limited budgets because you can find them for $50 or less.

The third main type of golf training net is only used for chipping practice. Chipping nets are much smaller than the other types of golf practice nets. Made of nylon or mesh netting, they’re affordable and fairly small. You can find them online at various sites for as little as $15, although some brands and styles could cost $30 or $40. Some have pop-up designs that open instantly and then easily fold back up when you’re finished (some of them fold up so small that you can actually fit them into your golf bag). Although most golfers would probably use them outdoors, they could be placed inside a large room for winter chipping practice.

No matter which style appeals to you most, make sure you buy a golf training net that’s rugged and easy to set up. Buying something you have to struggle with in order to assemble and take down won’t motivate you to practice. And, you’ll want a durable net that’s made with high quality materials. If you decide to buy one of the tent-style golf practice nets, you’ll also want to make sure the fabric is breathable so you’ll stay cooler as you’re hitting.

All golfers could benefit from more practice. That’s why the pros spend several hours a day hitting balls on the driving range. You don’t need to practice that much, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to practice whenever you want, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time? Golf practice nets give you an affordable, convenient way to fine-tune your golf game. You won’t even have to get into your car and drive to the range once you have your own golf training net.

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