Golf Travel Putter: What is it? What Can You Use One For?

I’d never heard of a golf travel putter until a reader wrote in, asking me to write an article about one. Naturally, that made me curious. I thought I’d heard of just about every type of golf putter out there, but this was something new. So, I decided to start digging around to see what I could find out. Here’s what I learned.

As it turns out, a golf travel putter is a club-like device some people use to practice their putting. It’s not a training aid, exactly, but it’s also not a "real" putter that you’d want to use on the course – although I guess you could if its construction fit within the Rules of Golf and their Conditions of Competition.

Instead, this is a portable device that people use for practicing their putting while they’re in their office or hotel room. I suppose you could also use one on the carpeting of an airport gate while you’re waiting to board your plane. Many of these gizmos fold or come apart and have their own little cases to make them easier for their owners to carry them through hotel lobbies or airports.

The best golf travel putter I’ve found claims to duplicate the performance and feel of a "regular" putter. That's a pretty strong claim. I haven’t tested any golf travel putter, much less this one, so I can’t verify or reject the manufacturer's claim. But, when you take into account how this particular model is constructed, I suppose it might be possible. It's made with a three-piece True Temper shaft (True Temper's steel shafts are golf's top-rated steel shafts), a "brass style bulls eye head" and a Winn grip (Winn's grips are top-rated too). A pewter putting cup, three golf balls, and a tool to hold the assembled shaft together are included in the set. It looks like it includes everything you need for some putting practice.

Because it comes with a beautiful teakwood or maple case that would look outstanding on display, this particular set might make a lovely gift or a memorable prize at a company golf outing. Any business executive who golfs would probably love practicing with this tool, not to mention incorporating the display case into the décor of his or her office. Depending on the finish of the case, prices range from $145 to $195, although you might be able to find the set online for less.

The same company makes a similar set, but with a slightly different configuration. This set substitutes a sterling silver divot tool and a sterling silver ball marker for the other set’s pewter putting cup and balls. It does, however, still include the wooden box, True Temper shaft, bulls’ eye putter head and Winn grip. Prices range from $110 to $195. Again, you might find one cheaper online.

I also came across a golf travel putter that comes with your choice of a zippered leather or nylon carry case. This particular model might be perfect for golfers who spend much of their time on the road, because it could be tossed into the back of a car trunk. The golf travel putter itself is similar to those described above, and the set comes with a tool to hold the shaft together, a putting cup and three golf balls. The company selling this outfit says the leather or nylon case will fit easily into a briefcase or suitcase, so it’s perfect for a busy traveler who is also a golfer. Depending on whether you choose a nylon or leather case, prices range from $120 to $125. You might find one for less if you run a search on the Internet.

I don’t know how well any of these travel putters actually work, and I probably wouldn’t buy one for myself. If I’m practicing my putting, I prefer to use the “real thing,” out on a practice green. But I can certainly see why some people might buy one in order to use it in their hotel room or office. And I can definitely appreciate how one of these golf travel putters might be the perfect prize at a company golf outing, a gift for a retiring company executive, or a holiday or birthday gift for a golfer who travels frequently.

Thank you to the reader who wrote in to ask about golf travel putters. Now we all know what they are, and how they can be used. I’m always happy to learn about different types of golf equipment, and I love sharing what I find out with our readers. That’s what this website is all about.

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