IZZO Pilot Cart Bag Review

Getting an IZZO Pilot cart bag is worth considering if you bring a lot of things with you to the golf course or driving range.

When I say “bring a lot of things with you,” I mean a lot more than just some tees, a sleeve or two of golf balls, a couple of golf gloves and a golf towel. Any old golf bag can handle that much – the basics don’t really require something like this bag. Nope, when I say that, I mean you like to bring your wallet or purse, your cell phone, your golf GPS unit, something to snack on, several bottles of water or some other beverage, sunglasses, bug repellent, lip balm, sunscreen, a rain suit, an umbrella, a ball retriever, a change of clothes and a pair of street shoes. Oh, and you’ll need your golf clubs, too!

That sounds like an awful lot of stuff to have with you, but plenty of golfers ask their golf bags to carry even more. If you’re one of the many golfers who bring a lot of things to the golf course or practice range, the IZZO Pilot cart bag might be right up your alley.

So, what makes this bag so good for so many golfers? Well, for starters it has a 14-way divided top for your clubs. But it also has 14 storage pockets to hold all your other stuff.

Here’s a fairly detailed review of the IZZO Pilot cart bag and its features. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether you should consider buying one.

Let’s start with some background information about IZZO itself. IZZO holds the first patent on the dual shoulder strap system that’s become so popular on stand bags, and it has a long history of making ergonomic, practical golf bags. The company hasn’t rested on its laurels, however – the IZZO Pilot cart bag has several innovative features.

For example, most bags come with a detachable rain cover. It’s usually either black or the same color as the main color of the bag and made of the same fabric (nylon or whatever). Well, the bag comes with a rain cover too, but it’s different than any I’ve ever seen - it’s made of a heavy clear plastic material. I know this isn’t really a big deal, but it certainly helps make your bag look different from everybody else’s.

I’ve already mentioned the bag’s 14-way divided top. I won’t buy a bag that doesn’t include this feature (I can’t stand all my clubs rattling around and banging against each other in just a few compartments). Unfortunately, only 3 of the 14 club dividers are full-length, so it’s still possible for the shafts to get tangled and damage each other. Not cool, but it’s a better divider system than just four or five large compartments.

Several pockets and accessory holders are located just below the divider top. A clip attached to an accessory pocket is perfectly positioned for holding a golf GPS – and you can stow the GPS inside the pocket when you’re done playing. A nearby bungee strap could secure a spike wrench or a golf club brush. Two handy grab handles are also located near the top.

The ball pocket of the IZZO Pilot cart bag isn’t as large as some I’ve seen, but it gives you plenty of space for 10 or 12 balls and all the tees you’ll need. Three pockets of different sizes are on each side of the bag: a large one that could hold a rain suit, a pair of shoes or a change of clothes; a small valuables pocket; and one for scorecards or pin sheets. A glove bar lets you attach gloves to the bag so they can dry easily.

A huge cooler pocket is at the bottom of the IZZO Pilot cart bag. It could easily hold several water bottles or a six-pack of your favorite canned beverage, along with the ice needed to keep it all chilled. And, the pocket’s grab handle, used with one of the two handles at the top of the bag, makes it easy to pick up and carry the IZZO Pilot cart bag. The base has little molded feet to give it stability when you place it upright on concrete.

The IZZO Pilot cart bag rode safe and sound in the back of my golf cart. The bag’s design lets you secure it on a cart by sliding the cart’s bag strap beneath the top pocket of the bag. I didn’t try it with a pull cart, but I’m sure it would work well that way too.

The Bottom Line: The IZZO Pilot cart bag looks well made, and it can hold a ton of stuff. On an overall basis, I’d recommend it. I just wish all 14 of its club dividers were full-length.

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