Ladies Golf Club Reviews Are Important Too

Why our ladies golf club reviews are important? In a separate article I called "Ladies Golf Club Sets: It's About Time," I talked about some of the ways that lady golfers are physically different than men, and how these differences make ladies golf club sets an important option for female golfers. Finally, at last, golf club makers are coming out with clubs that have been specifically designed for women.

Naturally, the burgeoning number of ladies golf clubs makes it important for this site to include ladies golf club reviews in addition to reviews of men's clubs. After all, we want to help female golfers find the clubs they like (and are suited to them) just as much as we want to help men. So that's exactly what Erik and I are doing. We're updating this website regularly, adding new information all the time. As ladies golf club sets come out we'll be offering ladies golf club reviews the same way we review men's clubs and other types of golf equipment.

I'm predicting that more and more club makers will be designing and producing more and more golf clubs and golf club sets that have been specifically developed for women golfers. I might be wrong, but I don't think that prediction is going too far out on a limb. For example, the PING Faith ladies golf clubs, which include the PING Faith driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters, has received critical acclaim as well as rave reviews from the women who play them. That sort of reception should (hopefully) inspire other golf club makers to come out with more ladies golf clubs and golf club sets in the future.

PING Faith ladies golf clubs are by no means the only clubs that have been specifically designed for women - they're just one of the more notable examples of ladies golf clubs that have been released in the past few years. When it comes to ladies golf clubs, the PING Faith series quickly comes to mind because of the way lady golfers have taken to them so wholeheartedly. Naturally, you'll find a review of the PING Faith ladies driver elsewhere on this site. But, you'll find several other ladies golf club reviews here as well.

A number of other fine ladies golf clubs are being sold today. For example, ladies Callaway Diablo Edge hybrids and irons are an extremely popular choice with many women, as are the company's Octane driver and fairway woods. But the Diablo Edge and Octane clubs do have men's equivalents. Callaway also offers another set of ladies clubs, called Solaire, which is marketed exclusively to women and comes as either a 14- or 9-piece set. The 9-piece version is a "starter set" that includes a driver, fairway wood, 2 hybrids, an iron, 2 wedges, a putter and a stylish cart bag. The larger, 14-piece version of the set includes a driver, 3 woods, 3 hybrids, 2 irons, 3 wedges, a putter and a cart bag.

Adams Golf is another golf club manufacturer which has produced fine ladies golf clubs. For example, the ladies Adams a70S 14-piece integrated club set includes a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, hybrid-irons, traditional irons and wedges, a putter and an attractive cart bag. Likewise, Wilson has been selling a complete ladies golf set called the Wilson Hope, which can be a great set for beginning lady golfers. Despite being very inexpensive, the set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, sand wedge, putter and a cart bag. And, a portion of the proceeds from these clubs are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a charity which is surely close to every woman's heart.

As I mentioned earlier, we update this site on a regular basis, and we're constantly adding new golf equipment reviews as well as other information regarding golf equipment for men and women. Like our reviews of men's clubs, our ladies golf club reviews will stay on top of things and keep you up to date and current with all the new developments in this area. And, whether you're a man or a woman, we highly encourage you to sign up for our free newsletter. The price is right (FREE!) and registration is a quick and easy process. Once you register, our newsletters will deliver helpful news about men's and women's golf equipment right to your email inbox. Every so often, we'll include some helpful tips on how you can improve your game.

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