The Miura K-Grind Wedge Review

You really should consider a Miura K-Grind wedge - if you’re a “player,” that is. If you have the right set of skills, one of these wedges can give your short game a true competitive edge. We all know how important a great short game can be, whether you’re playing for your club championship or the stakes are a simple Nassau with your regular group. But you’ll also be adding panache to your bag if you get one.

These clubs aren’t for the masses. They’re designed for skilled players who want an edge in their short game. At more than $300, a Miura K-Grind wedge is expensive, too. Sure, some of the clubs made by PING, Callaway, TaylorMade and other companies can get pretty pricey, but not to the level of Miura clubs. So, owning a particular wedge like that would put you in pretty exclusive company. Not everyone can afford them; not everyone has the skillset needed to play them; and not everyone can find them. By that, I mean you probably won’t find this specific wedge at the usual places you shop - most golf equipment stores simply don’t carry them. You’ll need to go hunting if you want one. They’re also handcrafted, and they’re available in very limited numbers.

But, a unique aura swirls around Miura clubs. And there’s no question about their quality and performance, because Miura is one of the world’s top-rated golf club manufacturers. Miura clubs have an almost legendary reputation for having an extraordinarily soft-but-solid feel, exceptional balance and remarkable performance.

If, after all that, you’re still intrigued by the idea of trying a Miura K-Grind wedge, by all means go ahead. You owe it to yourself. You’ve worked hard on your game all these years. And you’re ready to take your handicap even lower by stepping up the voltage on your short game. This wedge just might be the way to do it.

I’m not aware of any club – wedge or otherwise – that looks like this model. The sole’s trailing edge has a beautiful (but functional) scalloped design that makes it look like a work of modern art. It’s instantly recognizable as a Miura design. It’s the brainchild of Katsuhiro Miura himself – the head of Miura Golf and a true master craftsman. He personally grinds every Miura K-Grind wedge (hence the name “K-Grind”), and he strives for perfection in every one. In fact, the Japanese golf press often refers to Miura as having the “Hands of God.”

A proprietary forging technique (yes, the wedge is forged) modifies the steel’s molecular structure, “tightening” the grain and providing uniformity across the entire hitting surface. The result is a very controlled, soft feel. The spin-welding process used to make a Miura K-Grind wedge ensures that the hosel height and bore depth are identical in every club and provide the perfect head/shaft positioning.

But the real pièce de résistance of the Miura K-Grind wedge - and the feature that distinguishes it from every other club - is its “fluted” sole design. Three large indentations make the club look like someone pressed their knuckles into molten metal. Miura says the fluted channels reduce resistance against the club whether you’re in sand, thick rough or fairway. The channels move around the sand rather than trying to plow through it, and the sole moves with the grass instead of against it. The result is a wedge with less drag – one that’s able to easily accelerate through the ball no matter what type of lie you have. Naturally, accelerating rather than slowing down improves your likelihood of hitting a good shot.

The flutes act like rails in the sand, but they also make it easy to manipulate the club’s bounce when you’re on grass. The club glides its way through trouble, and chips and pitches are exquisite. Full shots from the fairway are a thing of beauty. The Miura K-Grind wedge is predictable and dependable, even from tight lies (one of the hardest shots to pull off with a sand wedge).

Other than its price and limited availability, there are only two drawbacks to the Miura K-Grind wedge: it’s currently only available as a 56-degree sand wedge (although I’ve heard that additional lofts are on the drawing board); and it’s only being built for right-handers. You have your choice of two finishes: black or a low-glare, white nickel (satin) chrome.

The Bottom Line: The Miura K-Grind wedge does everything you’d ask of a sand wedge, and it does it all with style and class. It costs as much as many drivers, but there are very few short-game clubs that do their job better. If you want to have a more consistent short game, you don’t need to look any further.

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