Some Helpful Information about the Nike Golf Travel Bag

Would a Nike golf travel bag be a good choice if you're buying a golf club travel bag? Here are some of our thoughts.

In a separate article on this site, we talk about why you should get a golf travel bag. If you've read what we say there, you already know that golf travel bags are the best way to protect your clubs while you're traveling. Without the extra protection these specially-designed bags provide, your clubs could easily be damaged while they're being transported.

That wouldn't do. In addition to preventing you from playing while you're on your trip, damaged golf clubs are expensive to replace. So, using a golf club travel bag is always a smart idea, whether you're flying, driving, or traveling by train.

Assuming we've convinced you that transporting your clubs in a travel bag is important, why should you consider a Nike golf travel bag in particular? There are several brands of golf travel bags available on the market, so what features does Nike offer that the others don't, or what features does Nike do better than its competitors? Does anything make these travel bags stand out from the rest of the travel bags that are available?

Well, in our opinion, the answer is a qualified "yes" and "no."

If you want a travel bag that's embellished with the famous Nike "Swoosh," a Nike golf travel bag is your only option. If, for some reason, having a bag with the "Swoosh" on it is important, then by all means go ahead and buy one. It will protect your clubs and give you "Swoosh bragging rights."

But, if having that Swoosh isn't an important consideration (and in the scheme of things, it really shouldn't be), then here is some more detailed information about these golf travel bags and how they can protect your valuable clubs.

First of all, the "official" name is the "Nike Club Carry Case." It's designed to be easily transported while providing maximum protection for your clubs. It uses a patented "Club Protection System" which surrounds your clubs with a foam wrap cover to protect and keep them safe and secure.

Because of its 52-inch height, the bag is large enough to accommodate most standard golf bags (although some staff bags, for example, may just be too massive). All of your clubs - even today's longer-shafted drivers - will fit inside.

The exterior of the bag is made with high-density nylon to resist moisture, scuffing and other types of damage that are common while traveling. All the zippers are heavy-duty, and the bag's stress points are bar tacked to provide additional strength and durability. Three sturdy-looking handles are designed to make pulling and lifting the bag easier. And, it won't be difficult to pull this bag through the airport, as it also has in-line skate wheels that are intended to roll smoothly.

The rear panel of the Nike golf travel bag features a system of skid bars and protective rails that can help protect your clubs if you roll the bag over curbs, steps or uneven terrain. Despite this protective feature, I think it makes sense to take these types of hurdles slowly and carefully. There's no sense in tempting fate and risking unnecessary damage to your clubs.

Finally, the exterior of the Nike golf travel bag has a large, expandable pocket where you could store miscellaneous items.

The Bottom Line: If using a travel bag with the trademarked Nike "Swoosh" on the side is important, then the Nike golf travel bag is your only choice. For a golf club travel bag, this black-and-red bag is fairly stylish (although in my opinion, no travel bag is attractive). If you simply want to protect your clubs while they're being transported, the Nike golf travel bag will do an adequate job. But with its price hovering around $190, you may want to choose one of the lower-priced golf travel bags that do the job just as well. They just won't have the "Swoosh."

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