Nike Junior Golf Clubs Review - Should You Invest in a Set of Junior Golf Clubs?

Can Nike junior golf clubs help youngsters play the game better? In a nutshell, yes. They’re designed for children, and they have the same quality Nike insists on in all of its golf clubs.

If your child wants to play golf, these junior golf clubs could be just the ticket. But why would you want to buy your child any brand of junior clubs in the first place? Why not just give your kid a few clubs you’re not using anymore?

We go into this question in a fair amount of detail in another article on this site, so right now it’s enough to say that adult golf clubs are too long, too heavy and too stiff for youngsters. Kids just usually aren’t big enough and strong enough to handle adult golf clubs until they’ve almost reached their adult size and strength. Until then, using adult clubs will just make the game even more frustrating and difficult than it already is.

Nike Junior Golf Clubs

Junior clubs should have shafts that are the right length for a child’s height, the shaft flex should be “soft” enough for a child’s slow swing speeds, the grips should be small enough to comfortably fit into a child’s small hands, and the clubs need to weigh less than adult clubs. Fortunately, Nike junior golf clubs are designed specifically for kids, and they fulfill all four requirements for the “right stuff” for kids: child-size length, weight and grips, and very flexible shafts.

Recognizing that golf is a great game for kids to get involved in, a lot of parents (and grandparents, aunts, uncles and so forth) are buying junior golf clubs for their younger loved ones. Nike makes the buying process easy, because it makes three different complete sets of junior golf clubs. Choose the right one for the child’s size and gender, and he or she will be equipped to have a great time learning to play golf.

Obviously, I can’t test any junior golf clubs myself (I am an adult, after all!), but I can give you some information on the three sets of Nike junior golf clubs that are currently available. In addition to the clubs that are mentioned, all three sets include a special, kid-sized golf bag.

The first set of Nike junior golf clubs is called the SQ MACHSPEED Jr. Boys Set (Size 1). Available in left-handed and right-handed versions, this particular set of Nike junior golf clubs is designed for boys between 44 and 52 inches tall. The set includes an ultra-light, oversized driver, 4-hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge and putter. It also comes with a snazzy black stand bag that has bright yellow accents. Naturally, the bag is emblazoned with the famous Nike “Swoosh.” The MSRP of this set is $179.99.

Size 2 of the SQ MACHSPEED Jr. Boys Set is intended for boys who are between 52 and 61 inches tall. Like Size 1 of the set, it comes in a left-handed version as well as a right-handed set. It includes the same clubs and lightweight stand bag as Set 1 of the SQ MACHSPEED Jr. Boys Set, but they’re a little larger because they’re designed for bigger boys. Like the other sets of Nike junior golf clubs, the MSRP of the Size 2 set is $179.99.

Nike is an equal-opportunity golf club manufacturer, so it hasn’t forgotten about all the girls who want to play golf. The SQ MACHSPEED Jr. Girls Set is designed for girls between 52 and 61 inches tall. The set includes an ultra-light driver, 4-hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge and putter, along with a somewhat more feminine-looking gray and yellow stand bag which also carries the Nike Swoosh. It too is priced at $179.99. Unfortunately, it’s only available with right-handed clubs. That’s something I think Nike should reconsider, because girls can be lefties too.

To make it easier for kids to get the ball in the air, all of these Nike junior golf clubs have lofts higher than normal and lightweight, flexible graphite shafts. The cavity-back irons have wide soles and a low center of gravity for the same reason.

The bag that comes with these sets has a soft double strap to make it easy to carry, and there’s a kickstand for placing the bag upright on the ground. The Nike junior golf clubs fit perfectly into the bag’s three-way divider top. Several zippered pockets make it easy and convenient for youngsters to store extra balls, tees and other items. To top everything off, the bag’s mesh pocket is perfect for holding a water bottle.

Investing in a set of Nike junior golf clubs – or a set made by another manufacturer – is one of the best ways to encourage a youngster to get involved with the game.

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