Ping G15 Irons Review

Trying the Ping G15 irons

Yesterday, my husband and I went to play golf. When we arrived at the pro shop I was thrilled to see they had gotten in some new clubs to serve as demos. They do this every so often, both as a service to the members and to try to sell clubs.

You may have seen me mention that I've been struggling with my irons. I still have pretty good distance control, but recently I've been pulling them all to the left. I can't figure out whether something is different about my swing, my stance, my grip or my ball position, but pulling my irons has recently cost me a few strokes every game. At any rate, I've wanted to try some different irons for a while now, and I've been dying to try two of the sets the pro shop just happened (by my good luck) to get in yesterday: the PING G15 irons and the brand-new Callaway Diablo Edge irons.

Even better, my husband's been complaining about his irons getting worn out. The grooves are wearing away (his set is about ten years old) so he wants to buy some new ones. So, yesterday I tried the PING G15 irons and he tried the Callaway Diablo Edges. Today, we reversed and he played the PING G15s and I played the Callaways (I'm tall and I always play men's clubs). This review and my review of the Callaway Diablo Edge irons will give you my take on the clubs, but I took notes on what my husband thinks and I'm including his impressions too. That way, you get both a man's and a woman's point of view.

PING, like TaylorMade, Callaway and a small number of other companies, is one of the foremost golf equipment manufacturers in the world. PING's clubs have been top-notch for many years, so I was hoping that would be true for the PING G15 irons as well.

They didn't disappoint me - or my husband (well, for him, not really). I tend to hit my irons a bit lower than he does, and these irons helped me launch the ball slightly higher than I normally do. It also seemed like the balls I hit went a little longer. Unfortunately, although they're designed to be straight and forgiving, I still pulled them left, just like the irons I have now. So I still don't know whether that's due to a swing change, ball position or something else.

My husband has been playing about 30 years longer than I have (he started when he was young) and he usually strikes the ball better than I do. He hits a high ball to begin with, and accuracy has always been one of the strong points of his game, so he doesn't need any help there. He was, however, hoping the PING G15 irons would help him get a bit more distance. He seemed to feel that although he was striking the ball well, he wasn't getting much if any additional distance because he hit the ball even higher than normal. He might be a better candidate for PING i15 irons, because they're designed to be used by experienced golfers with his set of skills. The PING G15 irons are intended more for golfers like me, who need some help launching the ball higher and straighter by providing maximum forgiveness.

PING G15 irons help golfers with their superior designs, technology, materials and workmanship. The oversized club heads, made of high quality investment cast 17-4 stainless steel, feature a redesigned "Custom Tuning Port" to provide enhanced feel, increased perimeter weighting and a higher moment of inertia. Additional weight has been placed at the toe and around the perimeter to provide increased forgiveness on off-center hits, and the G15's wider soles and lowered, rearward-placed center of gravity combine to help to produce higher trajectories. The lofts have also been strengthened by one degree from predecessor sets like the PING G10 irons, and you can probably expect to hit a six-iron (for example) three to five yards longer (as well as higher) than the six-iron you're using now.

The Bottom Line: If you need a maximum game-improvement iron, consider the PING G15 irons. They felt silky-smooth and definitely helped me launch the ball higher, with a slight increase in distance, too. Low-handicap players, on the other hand, might be put off by the extra-wide soles and the lack of workability. These clubs go straight just about no matter what you do.

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