Scotty Cameron Select GoLo Putter Review

The brand-new Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters are getting a lot of buzz on the PGA Tour. This review explains why.

Just about every golfer out there has heard of Scotty Cameron and the superb putters he designs. Well, he’s just come up with some new mallets, and like most Scotty Cameron putters, their sculptured shapes make them things of beauty.

But do Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters perform like his earlier models? In other words, do they give you the type of performance that matches their looks?

Read this review to find out.

According to Scotty Cameron himself, the Select GoLo putters represent years of design work based on insights gleaned from professional golfers. He goes on to say everything has come together in the Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters, and some people think they might be the perfect mallets. Apparently his goal was to create a mallet with the type of performance that professional golfers trust and are happy to rely on.

It looks like he may have succeeded, because even though the Select GoLo has only been out a couple of weeks, it’s already in Rickie Fowler’s bag. And Fowler used his Scotty Cameron by Titleist Select GoLo putter during his first PGA Tour win – the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship. I’m pretty sure Fowler is the first PGA Tour pro to carry one of these new putters, but I’m dead-certain he won’t be the last.

Scotty Cameron set out to create the perfect setup and balance, but he also wanted to give the Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters a buttery soft feel and pleasingly rounded contours at address. The GoLos all include a deeply-milled face, a sleek, subdued but helpful black sight line, Cameron’s Select customizable weighting technology, a beautiful “Black Mist” non-glare finish and his famous “Red Cherry Dots.” The result of this recipe for success is a beautiful, confidence-inspiring putter – a creation that’s true to the Scotty Cameron tradition of excellence. The Scotty Cameron Select GoLo is a putter that really can help you “go low.”

I almost felt honored when I was offered the chance to test a Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putter. I don’t think I’ve ever stood over a mallet that had such an appealing look at address. Its curving shapes and flowing lines just gave it that “certain something” that made it almost look like a work of art. And, it performed like a work of art, too.

I tested a putter with a 33-inch shaft (34- and 35-inch shafts are also available for righties, but for some reason left-handers can’t get a 34-inch shaft). This particular GoLo model features a single bend neck and a ¾ shaft offset. The similar-but-different Scotty Cameron Select GoLo S putter has a straight neck with no shaft offset and is not available for left-handers. Both these Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters have heads made of a soft CNC-milled 303 stainless steel to give them a soft but solid feel.

My only (small) quibble with its appearance involves the slightly asymmetrical look at address. I would have preferred a completely symmetrical head, but I’m sure Cameron chose the shape for its effect on the putter’s balance – or some other performance-related reason. Titleist (which markets Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters) says the head’s slightly asymmetrical shape and pulled-in heel “encourage a flowing stroke along the ideal arc,” so I guess I’m right.

Golfers who use a straight-back-and-through putting stroke might have picked up on a hint in the last sentence. I’ll repeat it again, in slightly different terms. According to Titleist, the Scotty Cameron Select GoLo is designed to promote the ideal putting arc. Since it obviously encourages an arcing stroke, the GoLo might not be the right choice for straight-back-and-through players.

It is, however, an extremely well-balanced, stable mallet putter (I’d expect nothing less from a Scotty Cameron). I suspect a great deal of its impressive stability and balance is due to the Select weighting technology it uses. This system involves heel and toe weights embedded in the sole, and the weights can be matched to the shaft length or the specific player’s preference. Even the sole is designed to encourage smooth takeaways.

The face of this putter has deeper milling than I’ve noticed on previous models. It produces a pure and accurate roll, a firm but soft feel, and a lovely sound. Line it up accurately and your putts are in.

The Bottom Line: I think Scotty Cameron has some more winners on his hands. The Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putters are pricey (MSRP is $375; street price is around $350), but if you’re a mallet player and you want a top-of-the-line new putter, a GoLo could help you go low.

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