Can You Really “See More Putts” with the SeeMore SB1 Putter?

I know the title of this page might seem overly clever, but the SeeMore SB1 putter and its “RifleScope Technology” are intended to literally help you “see more putts.” And when you see more, chances are you’ll sink more.

This particular SeeMore putter is big, bold and beautiful, with an oversized mallet head and a stunning, anodized “Black Satin” finish. It’s nice to see an attractive mallet putter instead of something that looks like a weird, space-age pancake flipper. But this putter isn’t just a pretty face – it puts its looks to work.

The hallmark of the SeeMore SB1 putter – what makes it stand out, if you will - is the company’s patented RifleScope Technology alignment system. Although other SeeMore putters also use RifleScope Technology (“RST”), to me it seems best suited to the shape and color of the putter. There’s just something about that red lozenge (more on that later) contrasting against the SB1’s satiny black finish. Of course, that doesn’t mean SeeMore’s RST doesn’t work in its other putters, just that I think it seems more attractive and effective in the SB1. Please read this review and then take a look at our review of the that’s posted on another page of this site. You’ll see some differences between the two models.

I tested a 33-inch model with a center shaft, but before I tell you what it’s like on the greens, I want to describe the putter and its alignment system a little more.

At $250, the SeeMore SB1 putter isn’t cheap, but you can tell it’s a premium-quality putter just by looking at it. For one thing, the head is made entirely of precision CNC-milled, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. The company says this material provides the “ultimate in feel, balance, consistency, and confidence.” I’ll let you know about that below.

The SeeMore SB1 putter also features stainless steel weight cartridges which let you fine-tune the head’s weight from 335 to 360 grams (and in between, because each individual cartridge weighs 7 grams). The included weights are easily installed or removed with a simple Allen wrench – there’s nothing proprietary about the wrench, so if you lose it you can easily and inexpensively get another.

Like the we review elsewhere on this site, the SeeMore SB1 putter is fitted with an internal milled hosel, which enhances the putter’s feel and allows its lie angle to be customized before or after you buy. In fact, SeeMore prides itself on providing numerous customization options. Your choices include lie angle, length, grip and even the head cover.

The SB1 is face-balanced (it’s SeeMore’s only face-balanced putter) and has no noticeable toe-hang. It features a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) to help keep the putter head stable throughout your stroke. But as I mentioned before, the feature that really distinguishes SeeMore putters from all others is the company’s patented RifleScope Technology alignment system. The company claims its RST provides an accurate reference point that not only helps with setup and alignment, but promotes a consistent stroke every time. I know I’d benefit if I could put a more accurate and consistent stroke on the ball. Here’s how the RST system works.

First, the black finish of the SeeMore SB1 putter does more than just make it a gorgeous club. The predominantly black head contrasts nicely with the white alignment line running from the front to the back of the head, and it provides the perfect contrast with the RST system itself. Even the eight inches of the shaft closest to the head is black, to enhance the contrast.

If you stand over the putter, you’ll see the RST: a small but vivid red lozenge-shaped area nestled inside two white lines running between the shaft and the portion of the head that’s closest to your feet. Your goal is to make this red lozenge disappear by covering it with the shaft during your setup and stroke (if you can see it, you’re either opening or closing the face). At first, I tended to be a little fixated on making the lozenge go away, but I got my head on straight after a few minutes of practice and it became easy to use the RST. According to SeeMore, when that red RST becomes invisible, you’re perfectly set up and ready to make a pure stroke.

So, after a short adjustment period, achieving the right setup and alignment with the SeeMore SB1 putter is as simple as pie. I loved the weight and feel of the putter, and it produced a very nice, consistent roll. Even better, my putts started dropping more and more often as my round progressed.

The Bottom Line: I just don’t have any complaints about the SeeMore SB1 putter. I love its looks, I love the RST, I love its feel, and I love the way it helped me find the hole. So yes, I think you really can “see more putts” with the SeeMore SB1 putter.

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