STX Putters Review List - An Overview

Are STX putters some of the best, or does this lesser-known brand fall short of some of the big-name putters? You’ll need to read some of our reviews of these putters to see what we think. You’ll find several reviews of these putters on other pages of this site. In the meantime, here’s an overview of some of their features.

Just about every golfer has heard of the putters made by PING, Odyssey, TaylorMade and the other big names in the golf equipment industry. Many of us play with one of those putters every day. But nowhere near as many people are familiar with putters by STX.

In truth, STX Golf produces some truly world-class putters by using superior technology and by thinking “out of the box” with its ingenious designs. STX says its putters are created to provide “unprecedented feel and performance,” but they also provide a high degree of customizability.

So, does STX Golf succeed? Are their putters as superior as the company claims? Does going beyond conventional thinking actually work on the greens? Can you really feel the difference and see better performance if you play with a STX putter?

STX currently makes three lines of putters: the ProFIT; the Envision TR; and the Sync Series (“SS”). Between them, there are nine different current models of putters (the ProFIT 4, 5 and 6, a single Envision TR model, and the SS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Here’s an overview of what each STX putter offers.

The ProFIT 4 is a face-balanced, blade-style putter with a “Total Eclipse” face insert that’s intended to provide forgiveness. Before you say “Ho-Hum, another blade with a face insert,” this one is different from the others. In addition to featuring interchangeable weights, this customizable putter offers interchangeable face inserts. According to the company, the black insert that comes standard with the ProFIT 4 starts the ball rolling down its path 25% sooner than any of its competitors. An optional red insert adds 3 inches of distance to a typical 15-foot putt made with the black insert, while an optional green insert adds 6 inches of distance to the same stroke. So, instead of changing your stroke to adapt to slow or fast greens, you can simply change the face insert before you tee off. This particular STX putter uses a plumber’s neck design with a full-offset hosel.

The ProFIT 5 is similar to the ProFIT 4 and offers the same options for face insert and weighting customization. But instead of a plumber’s neck and full offset, the ProFIT 5 uses a flare neck design with a half-offset hosel. The third club in the ProFIT series of putters - the ProFIT 6 - is a face-balanced mallet. It offers the same insert and weight customization options, but it can also be purchased as a belly putter.

Like the three ProFIT putters, the STX Envision TR uses the “Total Eclipse” face insert. In this case, however, the insert is only available in the black or red version – the green face insert is not an option in the Envision TR. It has a face-balanced, square-shaped head that provides perimeter weighting and a high Moment of Inertia (“MOI”) for increased stability. The interchangeable weight system used by the ProFIT putters is not available in the Envision TR.

Sync Series STX putters have been around for a while now. In fact, between 1995 and 2005 they won 12 PGA Tour events and a major – the 2002 PGA Championship. But the current Synch Series putters have been redesigned to provide “unprecedented balance and feel.” STX says the “F.E.E.L.” system (Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer) used in all five models of the SS series putters dramatically boosts the coefficient of friction of the face and puts added topspin on the ball for a smoother, straighter roll. The soft face is also designed to stay in contact with the ball longer to promote added control. All three face inserts – black, red and green – are available as options on all Sync Series STX putters.

The Sync Series SS1 is a face-balanced, “bullet-back” design. The SS2 is also face-balanced, but it combines elements of the bullet-back design with elements of a mallet design to provide a higher MOI.

The SS3 is a toe-down, heel-shafted blade putter that uses “multifaceted” alignment aids to help golfers line up their putts. The SS4 is also a toe-down blade putter, but it uses heel-toe weighting and a plumber’s neck hosel to promote a forward press. The final STX putter – the SS5 – is very similar to the SS4 but uses a flare neck hosel instead of the plumber’s neck.

We’ll be posting reviews of some of these STX putters as well as other putters from time to time, so stay tuned.

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