A Quick Look at TaylorMade Golf Bags

I've never owned one myself, but the TaylorMade golf bags I've seen out on the course have always appealed to my eye. I think the black, red and gold (or maybe it's a deep yellow) color combination that some bags use is especially striking, but I really like some of the other color combos too.

But that's just color, and as nice as it is to have a beautiful golf bag, in the scheme of things a lot of other considerations are more important for the golf bag you choose. For example, your first decision should be whether you want a staff bag, a cart bag, a stand bag or a carry bag. Each type has its advantages. Fortunately for golfers who want to show their affinity for TaylorMade clubs or other products, TaylorMade golf bags come in all four types.

Let's start with the company's TMX Staff bag.

This model is the most impressive of all the TaylorMade golf bags. It's the retail version of the TaylorMade Staff bags used by golf professionals.

If you're someone who would love to look like a pro and use the same type of bag as Retief Goosen, Dustin Johnson and Paula Creamer, among others, the TaylorMade TMX Staff bag should be your choice. It's big, it's bold and it proudly displays the TaylorMade name. Your caddy might not appreciate toting this heavy bag (more than 11 pounds empty), but it's made of anodized, micro-perforated synthetic leather, so you know it's going to be durable. It has nine handy pockets, including a velour-lined valuables pocket to keep your watch or rings safe. The black gunmetal hardware and towel clip nicely complement its white, red and black colors. An umbrella sleeve is also integrated into the TMX Staff bag. There's no two ways about it: these TaylorMade golf bags make a big statement.

The TMX T2 cart bag lets you make the same sort of statement, although on a lighter, slightly smaller, more manageable scale. It's made with the same materials, comes in the same color combination and offers the same features as its big brother, but it weighs two pounds less.

The Catalina 2.0 cart bag by TaylorMade combines a bold, stylish design with premium materials and great functionality. This remarkable bag weighs less than six pounds but allows you to carry, store and organize all your equipment and personal items. It's available in various color combinations, including my favorite black, red and gold. Its features include full length club dividers, nine pockets (including 3 velour-lined valuables pockets with an internal key clip), a sizeable, insulated cooler pocket with integrated drainage ports, handles on the front to make loading it onto your cart a snap, an integrated putting tube, and a cart strap lock, among others.

TaylorMade golf bags also include a couple of fine stand bag models. The Burner 2.0 stand bag, available in a combination of black, red and white, naturally bears the Burner name. It includes everything you'd want in a stand bag and allows you to walk the course in style. Somehow, it manages to pack full-length club dividers, ergonomic shoulder straps, an integrated handle, an insulated beverage sleeve pocket, a valuables pocket and other pockets into a highly manageable, 4.5 pounds.

With its white, red and black color combo, The TMX stand bag bears a striking resemblance to the other two TMX TaylorMade golf bags (the TMX Staff bag and the TMX T2 cart bag). Its five pockets include a velour-lined valuables pocket and its black gunmetal hardware and towel clip look great with the bag's color scheme. It also features a patent-pending "Pivot Shoulder Strap System." At almost 7 pounds, it's heavier than the Burner 2.0 stand bag, but it's made of anodized, micro-perforated synthetic leather.

The final member of the current family of TaylorMade golf bags is called the Quiver carry bag. Many golfers call this small, ultra-lightweight style of bag a "Sunday bag," but the Sunday bags made by most companies won't hold all your clubs. The TaylorMade Quiver bag will, even though it only weighs a little more than two pounds. The Quiver doesn't have a stand mechanism, but it does give you several pockets (including a velour-lined valuables pocket, a large apparel pocket, a beverage sleeve pocket and others), a padded hip pad, a reinforced base and ergonomic, velour-lined shoulder straps.

We hope this quick look at the different TaylorMade golf bags helps you make a wise decision.

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