Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Review

Are Titleist Pro V1 golf balls worth the price? For a long time now, Titleist has been widely regarded as the world's top golf ball manufacturer. I can't disagree. Many of the company's balls are a bit more expensive than its competitors', but they're almost always worth the extra cost. And that's the way it is with Titleist Pro V1 balls: they're more expensive than almost any ball you could buy, but I've gotta say they're worth it.

The company's strong reputation for making high-quality golf balls has been built over many years and is based on the performance of many different lines of golf balls. But within the last ten to twelve years or so, the Titleist "Pro V" balls have been responsible for a considerable portion of that reputation.

There are actually two models of Titleist "Pro V" balls - the Pro V1, which I review in this article, and its distinctly-different but related sibling, called the Pro V1x, which I review in a separate article. Both balls are remarkable, although they're also remarkably expensive. Their street price has dropped about $10 from what it was originally, but they'll still cost you $45 to $50 per dozen (the MSRP is $58). That works out to roughly $4 per ball. I don't play them very often because of their expense, and when I do, I try to not lose it or nick it up. But, I'll sometimes buy a dozen of them when I want to treat myself. And, there's nothing like 'em for playing in a special event. I'm convinced the ones I bought just for the event helped me take second place in this year's three-round Club Championship tournament. I also don't know any golfer who wouldn't appreciate a dozen (or even a sleeve) as a birthday gift!

According to presumably objective, widely-published statistics, Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are the most popular balls on the PGA Tour. In fact, a large number of golf professionals wouldn't consider playing with any other ball. But, Titleist Pro V1 balls also appeal to many avid amateur players - at least, those who can afford them.

In many ways, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are similar to their Pro V1x siblings. That means some of the information in this review might repeat some of what's in my review of the Titleist Pro V1x. It can't be helped. But, the two balls do have some differences in their performance characteristics and are designed for slightly different purposes, so not all of the information in this review will be repeated in the other.

So what makes these golf balls so special? Why are they worth $50 per dozen?

Here's the "short answer:" they perform. That's why Tour pros like Adam Scott, K.J. Choi, Geoff Ogilvy, Tom Watson, Christie Kerr and dozens of others use them. Although their price and playing characteristics make them more suitable for professionals and low- to mid-handicap amateurs (high-handicappers can't control the ball's spin, and they tend to lose or dump a lot of their balls in the water), Titleist Pro V1 has become the "go-to" ball for a wide range of golfers.

The Pro V1 golf balls were initially launched in 2000, but they've gone through a number of improvements over the years. They were good from the beginning, but they're even better now. Here's a synopsis of what they can do for you, along with the design features that enable these performance characteristics:

  • Consistent, tight, penetrating ball flightthat holds its line despite windy conditions
  • Exceptional distance
  • What Titleist calls "Drop-and-Stop™"control on the greens (short-game spin control that helps keep your shortiron and wedge shots on the green)
  • Great feel on all shots, but especially on andaround the green
  • Improved durability over earlier versions,with a Urethane Elastomer™ outer cover
  • 352 tetrahedral dimples,spherically tiled
  • A side stamp that doubles as a puttingalignment aid
  • Multilayer construction
  • An innovative ionomeric casing layer (mantle)that enhances response

The Bottom Line: Other than their cost, these golf balls don't have any major drawbacks. Because of the spin control they provide, better players will probably appreciate them more than beginning golfers. But golfers of all skill levels love the distance they provide. Like their sibling, the Titleist Pro V1x, the Pro V1 balls represent the pinnacle of today's golf ball technology. They're the dominant balls in golf today, and probably the most technologically-advanced balls ever produced.

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