Top-Flite D2+ Golf Balls Review

The Top-Flite D2+ is a whole new line, released by Top-Flite, a company that has been making golf balls forever. There are four different balls in this series - the D2+ Straight, the D2+ Distance, the D2+ Feel and the D2+ Diva. Based on its name, no one should be surprised that the company is marketing the D2+ Diva as a ladies ball.

Over the years, Top-Flite balls have been called "Top-Rocks," "Rock-Flites" and worse, but they have always been some of the most reasonably-priced golf balls on the market. And now their reputation for being hard distance balls is changing, in part due to the introduction of these golf balls. Callaway Golf bought Top-Flite a few years back, and the company is now trying hard to win over golfers with balls that offer more than just distance, durability and a good price.

But despite trying to change its "distance rock" reputation, Top-Flite hasn't forgotten its traditional focus on making golf balls that are affordable for everyone. At just $16 for 15 balls (street prices are even lower), the four models in the new line are perfect examples of how the company's balls are now delivering more than just distance while keeping their low prices. All four Top-Flite D2+ balls are proving that enhanced performance and innovative, aerodynamic dimple patterns aren't necessarily restricted to more expensive balls.

All of these golf balls have some things in common. Take the "Dimple in Dimple" pattern on the covers, for example. Top-Flite says this unique dimple design (small dimples positioned inside 332 larger primary dimples) promotes increased distance for a wide range of players. The Dimple in Dimple pattern reduces drag, provides additional lift and maintains the optimal spin so the balls are able to stay in the air longer and fly farther. In addition to the Dimple in Dimple design, all four balls use a two-piece construction. A large, soft, high-speed polybutadiene core promotes ball velocity, distance and control while enhancing feel. And the balls' soft ionomer cover also promotes good feel at impact while providing durability. But even with all these things in common, the four golf balls still have their differences. That means that when you're looking for the Top-Flite D2+ ball that best suits your own particular game, you can choose the playing characteristics you want. Here is a quick review of the four Top-Flite D2+ golf balls.


For example, the Top-Flite D2+ Straight reduces driver spin by coating the ionomer cover with SlickoteĀ®. The seamless 332-dimple cover also enhances accuracy. This might be the right Top-Flite D2+ ball for you if you have a tendency to slice or hook your drives, because reduced sidespin will cause your balls to fly straighter. Although this ball is engineered to help you hit the ball straight, it is a D2+, so it's also durable and promotes distance and a softer feel.


There's no secret about the main focus of this ball - just look at its name. The Top-Flite D2+ Distance is designed to maximize ball velocity, which in turn increases distance. Like every other ball in the Top-Flite D2+ line, the D2+ Distance is also durable and somewhat softer than previous Top-Flite balls.


The D2+ Feel features a cover which has been developed to deliver enhanced feel and control around the greens. It's hard to find a "value-priced" ball that feels soft, but this ball has a thinner, softer ionomer cover than the other three D2+ balls, and Top-Flite has managed to make this ball softer than its predecessor, the original D2 Feel. Although feel and short-game control are its primary focus, the D2+ Feel still manages to be just as long and durable as the earlier Titleist D2 Feel. It even sticks on the greens if you come in high, which is an accomplishment for a ball that only costs $1. In several ways, it's comparable to the Noodle+ Long and Soft I review elsewhere on this site.


Top-Flite says the Diva has been designed to be "the perfect ball for a woman's swing speed." I'd say the company came close to hitting the mark, at least in this price range. It feels soft and isn't overly "clicky," delivers good distance and feel with every club, and rolls straight and true on the greens. And, for women who care about their ball's appearance, the cover has a beautiful pearlescent finish.

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