Tour Edge Exotics Golf Clubs Review

Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs might be the best clubs you've never heard of. Read on to learn why I think Tour Edge and its golf clubs are seriously underrated by most golfers today.

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Tour Edge Golf has always been a club manufacturer that tried to provide the most technology at the lowest possible price in order to compete with the "big dogs" in the industry. I own two of the company's hybrids and I've always marveled at how well they perform despite costing me less than $50 each - brand new! Of course, they're not the top-of-the-line clubs that Tour Edge makes - that lofty status is reserved for Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs. But still, Tour Edge packed a lot of good technology into my two hybrids, and their price certainly didn't hurt my bank account. And all Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs (as well as the company's other lines of clubs) are backed by the company's lifetime warranty! Imagine that!

All of their golf clubs are intended to be "the best of the best," and they have an almost cult-like following among golfers "in the know." You want the latest in technology? They will give it to you in spades. Are you looking for a driver, fairway wood, hybrid or irons? There are several models that can suit your needs. In fact, there are so many different Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs that I can only mention a few of them here. Over time, we'll be reviewing select Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs elsewhere on this site. One example is the Tour Edge Exotics XCG-4 driver we review on a different page, or the Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 driver.

Here, I simply want to give you a quick overview of some of the Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs that are available.

The Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour driver is a good place to begin. It's being advertised as the longest, lowest-spinning Exotics driver Tour Edge has ever made. Designed for better players, especially those lucky enough to have fast swing speeds, the 440cc Exotics CB4 has a center of gravity that's positioned higher and closer to the face than other Exotics drivers. This type of weighting promotes a lower, more penetrating trajectory and enhances the driver's workability. Heel and toe weights provide perimeter weighting for increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) and forgiveness. The CB4 also has a new "Boomerang" face with varying levels of thickness to promote faster ball speeds on off-center hits. The face angle is set to 2 degrees open, a characteristic which better players often prefer.

Maybe you want a hot, forgiving fairway wood instead of a driver. If so, consider one of the Tour Edge XCG-3 woods. The company says these woods set a new standard for Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs. Among other things, these titanium woods use an extremely heavy tungsten sole which places the majority of the club's weight below the ball, a feature which promotes optimal launch characteristics, workability and remarkably high forgiveness. And, the titanium face uses varying thicknesses to provide an explosive rebound and awesome distance.

Is a new hybrid in your future? Have you heard about the Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy hybrid? If not, here's a synopsis of some of the features that make them worthy of being in anyone's bag. They're high MOI hybrids with a unique sole design. The sole's two outer and one inner rail are intended to improve turf interaction and help golfers strike the ball well from any type of lie. The two outer rails shift weight toward the rear of the head's heel and toe to help it resist twisting, while the inner rail helps the club face square at impact. An internal weight pad lowers the center of gravity to promote higher trajectories and additional forgiveness.

It's the same kind of story with Tour Edge Exotics irons. For example, the XCG5 irons feature four tungsten sole weights to lower their center of gravity, promoting higher ball flights and increasing the clubs' MOI. They also use deeply undercut cavities and extremely thin faces which vary in thickness to improve feel and promote forgiveness on shots that miss the large sweet spots that result from their perimeter weighting.

Tour Edge clubs tend to be "hidden gems," but Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs deserve far more attention than they receive. They just might be the best clubs you've never heard of.

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