Womens Golf Bags:  Yes, Virginia, Style Can be Functional

Okay, all you men out there. Feel free to skip this page unless you're shopping for womens golf bags because you need a gift for a lady you care about.

Okay, all you women out there. Head's up, because this page is all about womens golf bags - golf bags that have been designed and made specifically for you.

But what exactly does that really mean? What makes any particular golf bag more suitable, more attractive and, on an overall basis, more appealing to lady golfers than men? Let's take a look at some of the considerations women take into account when they're looking at golf bags for women. And all you men who are still reading, you'd be smart to keep these considerations in mind while you're shopping, because they're all important to the lady golfer who will be using the golf bag you're buying.

  • Lady golf bags must, above all, be just as functional as the golf bags that appeal more to men.

Sure, a lot of women have, shall we say, a more highly developed sense of fashion or style than many men, but that doesn't mean we don't take our golf seriously.

I'm a great example, if I do say so myself. I've worked hard on my game, I've lowered my handicap substantially over the last few years (it's currently hovering around 9), I usually play 4 or 5 times a week, and I can assure you I'm a serious golfer. I'm not just out there to look good or socialize. Any golf bag I use (or even consider, while I'm shopping) must give me every bit as much functionality as a men's bag. That means that ladies golf bags must not only carry and adequately protect all my clubs, but also have enough pockets (located in the right places, where I can get to them easily) to carry all my extra balls, tees, gloves, ball markers and other golf-related paraphernalia. I also want a golf bag that has at least one or two "valuables" pockets where I can keep my watch, my rings, my keys, my cell phone and some money or a small wallet. Some golf bags even come with a small, coordinating, detachable valuables bag.

Women (like me) who take their golf seriously need golf bags that are functional, not just something pretty to decorate our golf carts.

  • Ladies golf bags should also be well-constructed, made of quality materials, and be sturdy and durable.

In addition to providing safe, adequate storage, golf bags for women should also be made just as well and be just as durable as men's bags. Who wants to drop a couple hundred bucks on a golf bag, only to have its zippers stop working properly, or the grab handle fall off, or the whole thing start to look dilapidated (or downright ratty) after only a year of use? Not me, and not many other women, either.

But all this doesn't mean that women don't also care about certain things that have more to do with appearance than function, such as the color and style of our golf bags. So, with that said:

  • Womens golf bags should be offered in at least a few colors (or color combinations) that tend to appeal to many women. Although there are exceptions, most men prefer "manly" colors like black or grey or navy blue. Many women, on the other hand, tend to gravitate toward pastels or subdued earth tones. Pink, lavender, aqua, light blue, beige and taupe are a few examples.

Some womens golf bags have a design printed onto the background color - floral designs or gracefully flowing stems or leaves, for example. Others feature stripes in contrasting colors, geometric patterns, plaids and so forth. Some womens golf bags also have areas on the front - often the large ball pocket - that can be embroidered for personalization.

So, when it comes down to it, most women prefer golf bags that combine form and function. We want quality and performance, but we also want a fashionable bag we can be proud of. Womens golf bags can and should be every bit as functional and durable as men's golf bags. But being made well and designed for superb functionality doesn't mean womens golf bags can't look nice at the same time!

Many golf bag manufacturers sell well-built, functional, attractive womens golf bags. You can read about some of them right here on this website.

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