Callaway RAZR X Black Irons Review: Attitude and Performance

Take a look at Callaway RAZR X Black irons if you don't know what a set of irons with "attitude" looks like. They positively ooze attitude, so they’re a perfect example. In fact, they have more attitude than any clubs I’ve ever seen (and over the years, I’ve seen a lot of clubs).

Here’s what’s good about the attitude that’s captured in these irons: it will carry over to you, the player. These clubs are capable of creating a great deal of confidence – they can make you feel like you’re about to hole your shot every time you address the ball. I’m ready for a few more eagles – how about you?

Your first thought when you see a set of Callaway RAZR X Black irons will be “Oh my goodness, they’re really BLACK!” Well yeah, that’s where the “Black” in the name comes from. And I mean all black, except for a red medallion in the back cavity. How many of us can say we’re used to looking at irons that are black? Not many. However, once you mentally adjust to seeing black, you’ll begin to see the power behind Callaway’s choice of finish for the RAZR X Black irons.

The mental adjustment you’ll need to make to become comfortable with these irons is similar to the mental adjustment that’s necessary to get comfortable hitting TaylorMade’s white-crown/black-face drivers, woods and hybrids. It doesn’t take long to get used to the unusual appearance. And watch out once you do. With all the technology built into Callaway RAZR X Black irons, the sky’s the limit for your game. You’ll be shaving shots right and left, because Callaway RAZR X Black irons are designed to help golfers hit greens more consistently and from longer distances.

These irons look different from the irons I’m used to playing (you know, the usual silver finish with a dash of color added by a cavity medallion and some graphics), but I came to appreciate their looks almost immediately. The black makes them distinctive (no worries about picking up someone else’s club on the green and leaving yours behind) and it reduces glare, too.

Those things are nice, but what I really like about the black is the sense of power it gives me. I just feel confident at address when a RAZR X Black iron is in my hands. I feel like I can make any shot I need with these irons. If I need a high shot over a tree – no problem. If I need a low stinger so I can stay under the branches - no problem. If I need to draw the ball around a dogleg, that’s not a problem either. No matter what type of shot I need, Callaway RAZR X Black irons make me feel like all I need to do is step up and do it. Just swing the club and it will happen. That’s confidence!

Of course, confidence isn’t the only thing Callaway RAZR X Black irons deliver. These are game-improvement irons that use advanced technology to deliver accuracy and distance from any location on the course. And, they offer optimal gapping and distance progression throughout the entire set. Their stellar performance is why these clubs were awarded a Gold Medal on the 2012 Golf Digest “Hot List” for the ultra-competitive game-improvement irons category.

Several innovative technologies are combined in Callaway RAZR X Black irons. For example, “RAZR Technology” lowers and pushes back the clubs’ center of gravity by redistributing the weight in the back cavity. Callaway says this particular design enables the clubs to be as forgiving as wide-soled irons while being as precise, powerful and workable as narrow-soled clubs.

The company’s “VFT Power System” varies the thickness of the face of each individual iron to best promote ball speed, but it also enables precise positioning of the clubs’ center of gravity. An aluminum/polyurethane medallion in the back cavity is intended to deliver an appealing sound and feel at impact. The fact that the medallion is red and contrasts nicely with the jet-black club is just delicious icing on the proverbial cake.

Callaway RAZR X Black irons can be purchased in various set configurations; everything from a 3-iron up to a lob wedge is possible. Two stock shaft choices are available: RAZR X Black Iron graphite shafts (in stiff, regular or senior flex); or “Uniflex” True Temper M-10 XP steel shafts.

The Bottom Line: You can expect some stares the first time you take a set of Callaway RAZR X Black irons onto the course. After all, their look is different than all the other irons out there. But, you can also expect jaws to start dropping once you hit them. They look great in the bag, they inspire confidence at address, and they deliver strong performance.

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