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Our website furnishes honest, straightforward Callaway golf club reviews, as well as reviews on a wide range of other golf equipment. Among other things, we review almost every type of golf club you can think of, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters.

In fact, below are some direct links to specific reviews.

We also review junior golf club sets. We're not motivated by trying to sell any particular brand or type of club, so our golf club reviews are more objective than others you'll find on the Internet. And, our reviews are written by someone like you, perhaps - an "ordinary" golfer who's suffered through the issues that too frequently plague golfers. As a result, our golf club reviews have a perspective you won't find anywhere else.

Although this page represents a general overview of our Callaway golf club reviews, we've also created a number of more specific reviews on particular clubs and sets. For example, a driver can be one of the most important clubs in your bag (some golfers think their driver is the most important club they own, but personally, I think it's surpassed by the putter for reasons I'll explain later). When you hit your driver properly, the ball will travel farther than it will with any other club. The problem is, even though you always use a tee with a driver, it's also the hardest club to hit properly. That makes it essential to find the driver that's most suited to you. And that's exactly why we have several reviews on drivers. The Diablo Octane driver is receiving a lot of buzz, so we review it and the popular RAZR Hawk driver. We also have reviews of the FT-i driver, the FT Tour driver, the limited edition Diablo Octane Black Tour driver, the Big Bertha driver and so forth.

Fairway woods allow golfers to hit the ball farther from the fairway or light rough than any other club. They're also sometimes used off the tee. We have several Callaway golf club reviews on different woods.

Hybrid clubs incorporate characteristics of both fairway woods and irons, hence their "hybrid" designation. Some hybrids look more like fairway woods than irons, while others bear a closer resemblance to irons. A fairly recent development in golf clubs, there are several reasons why hybrids have become so popular during their short existence. For one thing, they are designed to be easier to hit than fairway woods and long irons (both on the fairways and in the rough), but they still deliver respectable distance. They are also designed to help golfers with slow swing speeds hit the ball higher than woods or long irons. Hybrids have truly become the "phenomenon" in golf right now, so we have several Callaway golf club reviews on hybrids.

Irons and wedges are your "scoring clubs," used to hit the ball when you're so close to the green that you can't use a driver, fairway wood or hybrid. Because their carry is shorter than other types of clubs, irons or wedges are also used on the tee of short par three holes. Callaway has made many fine iron sets and wedges in the past, and it continues to do so today. We're happy to review some of them in our Callaway golf club reviews.

I firmly believe your putter is the single most important club in your bag. That's because on the average, half the shots you take during every round consist of putts. Putters come in a wide assortment of shapes, lengths and styles, and finding the one you like can be something like a process of elimination. Callaway's putters are labeled under the Odyssey name, and they're used by many professionals as well as amateur golfers. So, our Callaway golf club reviews also include reviews of several Odyssey putters for you to consider.

And, because junior golfers represent the future of the sport, we're also happy to offer Callaway golf club reviews on junior golf club sets. If you have a child you'd like to encourage to play golf (or who already does), finding the right set of clubs is important. Don't just give your 10 year old son or daughter your old set of clubs, because they've been designed for taller, stronger, faster-swinging adults. Your old clubs just aren't appropriate for kids. Instead, read some of our Callaway golf club reviews on junior sets, and consider buying your child some clubs that are specifically designed for his or her physical characteristics and abilities.

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