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Callaway definitely has “something going” with its Callaway RAZR X irons. They won the coveted Golf Digest “Hot List” Gold Medal for 2012. They also won it in 2011, which makes it two years in a row. Not many sets of irons have accomplished that feat.

In fact, Callaway’s entire RAZR X line has something going. In addition to the Callaway RAZR X irons winning the award, other Callaway clubs capturing Golf Digest 2012 Hot List Gold Medals include the RAZR X Black woods, the RAZR X and RAZR X Tour hybrids, the RAZR XF irons, the RAZR X HL irons, and the RAZR X Black irons. And not to be left out, the Callaway RAZR X Black driver won a 2012 Silver Medal (poor thing, it probably feels like a neglected stepchild with “only” a Silver Medal).

That’s an awful lot of awards for one company (and one line of clubs) in a single year. In fact, Callaway Golf won more Golf Digest 2012 Hot List medals than any other club manufacturer. That’s why I think Callaway has something going with its RAZR X line of clubs. And that’s why we review all the clubs I’ve mentioned above. You’ll find those reviews on other pages of our website – this page is dedicated to discussing the Callaway RAZR X irons.

Callaway Golf has long been known as a company that makes top-rated irons, and its RAZR X irons live up to that strong club-making heritage. Although it’s true that your irons aren’t the most important clubs in your bag (that honor is reserved for your putter), it’s still vitally important to have a good iron game. And part of that involves playing with irons that suit your swing and style of play.

Without good iron play, you’ll be using your putter to sink long bogey and double-bogey putts, not the pars and birdies you can achieve if you hit your irons properly. If you have a problem with your irons, sometimes it’s your swing – in which case a few lessons can work wonders. But sometimes your problem is in your clubs. If your irons aren’t suited to your game, making an equipment change can often turn your game around.

If you’ve decided you need a new set of irons, should you consider Callaway RAZR X irons? In my opinion, yes, unless you’re a total beginner (in which case you might want to look at a different, even more forgiving set of irons). Not many sets of irons suit skilled and average players alike, but these irons are among them. They’re designed to deliver strong distance, a wonderful feel, accurate shots and a good bit of forgiveness on miss-hits. What else could you ask for in a set of irons?

Most of today’s irons emphasize one particular performance characteristic (forgiveness, distance, high launches or feel, for example) but end up making sacrifices in other critical aspects of play. That’s not the case, however, with Callaway RAZR X irons.

For example, the sole design of these irons has certain characteristics that are traditionally associated with narrow-soled irons but it also offers some of the benefits of wide-soled irons. As a result, Callaway RAZR X irons are capable of being just as forgiving as wide-soled irons while being just as powerful and workable as narrow-soled clubs. Their particular sole design also offers superior turf interaction when compared with traditional wide-soled irons. In short, the RAZR X sole is a technological breakthrough.

These irons also have a low, deep center of gravity that promotes high trajectories. And thanks to their use of Callaway’s famous Variable Face Thickness Technology (“VFT®”), they have a very large sweet spot low on the face, where most golfers strike the ball. The position of the center of gravity, when combined with such a hot face, maximizes distance without sacrificing precision and accuracy. With Callaway RAZR X irons you don’t need to choose between distance and accuracy, because the clubs are capable of delivering both.

The large sweet spot that’s consistently hot across the clubface also makes the Callaway RAZR X irons forgiving, even on heel and toe shots. You might still be chipping if you miss-hit one of these clubs, but your chip will probably be shorter and easier to get close to the hole. And if you hit it pure, the accuracy of these clubs means your putt will probably be a short one.

The two stock shaft choices are Callaway RAZR X graphite shafts and True Temper M10 Flighted-RAZR X steel shafts. A Tour version of these clubs, suitable for highly accomplished players, is also available.

The Bottom Line: Callaway RAZR X irons are dependable game-improvement clubs that will give you consistent distances and great turf interaction as well as forgiveness and accuracy. They’re suitable for average and single-digit players. They almost seem like “players clubs,” only they’re more forgiving.

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