Nancy Lopez Torri Series Ladies Golf Clubs

The Nancy Lopez Torri series of ladies golf clubs is making thousands of women believers in her golf equipment company, as she has always been respected as a professional golfer.  Over the past few years there have been several models of Torri golf clubs, but the company is currently selling Torri 212 sets.

Despite her retirement from ladies professional golf years ago, Nancy Lopez is still very involved in the sport.  She operates several successful golf-related business ventures, but Nancy Lopez Golf has become foremost among the companies that specialize in making ladies golf clubs.

Nancy Lopez Golf makes several lines of ladies golf clubs, but the Torri series has always been designed specifically for lady golfers with higher handicaps.  Their advanced, women-specific designs can definitely help women play better, but the main purpose of Torri golf clubs is to help women have more fun on the course.

The news is getting around, and this line of ladies golf clubs is being played by more and more women, especially beginners and other high-handicappers.  I'm a woman, but I use men's clubs unless I'm testing ladies' golf clubs for review purposes.  I decided to borrow a set of these clubs after some women in my ladies' league kept talking about them.  They sounded like they'd be worth doing a review.

The Review

One of the women was willing to lend me her almost-new Torri 212 set for a few days (thanks, Deb!).  I played three rounds with them to give them a good test drive.  Here is my review of the Torri 212 set:

The current set of Nancy Lopez Torri 212 clubs comes in two variations. Both sets include a 14-degree, 430cc titanium driver, a stainless steel 4-wood, a stainless steel 7-wood, 5- and 6-hybrid irons, conventional 7-, 8- and 9-irons and a conventional pitching wedge and sand wedge.  One of the sets also comes with a cart bag and putter, but other than that the two sets are identical.  The MSRP of the Nancy Lopez Torri 212 set that includes the bag and putter is $899.95; the MSRP of the set without the bag and putter is $699.95.  In other words, $200 of the price tag for the more complete set represents the price of the cart bag and putter.  That's quite reasonable, considering some putters (and cart bags, for that matter) cost more than $200 apiece.  Overall, the price of Nancy Lopez Torri golf clubs is quite affordable, especially when you consider their quality and everything that's included.

These are game-improvement clubs, designed to help women improve their skills and maximize their fun.  The titanium driver, for example, includes several features that can help women hit their balls longer off the tee.  Its 14 degrees of loft (higher than the average driver) promotes a higher ball flight.  And, a "Cut-Away Crown" removes some of the weight from the crown of the driver and repositions it lower and farther away from the club face.  Moving the club head's center of gravity lower and rearward promotes a higher launch angle, less driver spin, and more overall distance.  It also increases the club head stability to reduce the likelihood of mishits.

I struggled some with this driver (I hit it TOO high) because I just don't need that much loft - I normally play a 10.5-degree driver.  But I can see how it could help women who have difficulty getting their drives in the air.

The woods and hybrids included in this Nancy Lopez Torri set also used the "Cut-Away Crown" design, and I was definitely hitting those clubs higher than normal.  Once again, women who tend to hit worm-burners might love these clubs.

The conventional, cavity-back irons in the set feature wide soles for improved turf interaction.  My iron shots flew high but not as long as with my own clubs.  In part, the shorter distance may have been due to the shorter shaft lengths of these clubs.  They're probably perfect for most women but I'm very tall, and I've learned that men's-length shafts work better for me.  The shafts were very light, which tends to promote greater club head speeds.

Nancy Lopez Torri: The Bottom Line

Nancy Lopez Torri golf clubs are designed with the specific features many women need to maximize their golf potential.  Built strictly for women, they're easy to hit, well-balanced and have the low center of gravity most higher-handicappers need for longer carries.

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