Odyssey ProType Putters Review: Tour-Proven Performance Coupled with Customization Options

Wouldn’t we all love to feel like a Tour professional while we’re out on the greens? Can Odyssey ProType putters make us feel this way, or is our wish little more than a pipe dream?

More importantly, can these putters help us sink a bigger percentage of our putts? I’ve been considering getting a new putter and I’d certainly like to improve my putting. So, when I heard about them I decided to find out about these new Odyssey ProType putters. Naturally, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with our readers, because I realize you want to putt better too.

Odyssey ProType putters review

There are six different models of these putters, but each one of them is inspired by clubs Odyssey created for the world’s top players – the Tour pros. Using the feedback it received from its staff Tour professionals, Odyssey Golf crafted this unique series of putters. Each ProType putter combines terrific performance with tremendous feel and a confidence-inspiring appearance. So, if any putter can make you feel like a pro, it’s probably one of the Odyssey ProType putters.

All six of the head shapes available as the putters have been used on Tour successfully. The head shapes include three different classic blades and two slightly larger heads I’d describe as semi-mallets but others might call “flanged blades” (visualize the Odyssey DualForce Rossie II and you’ll be close). There’s also a ProType 2-Ball “extended mallet” putter.

The heads of all the putters are made of precisely milled, soft 1025 carbon steel. Although this carbon steel shares many performance characteristics with stainless steel (the more typical material used in most putter heads), it provides a softer, superior feel and a truer roll. And, a pattern deeply milled into the putter face optimizes the friction between the face and ball at impact. The result is a consistent, controlled, accurate roll.

Odyssey ProType putters also have superb balance, something that’s essential for a smooth, controlled putting stroke. And of course, being made by Odyssey Golf, the ProType series putters feature careful craftsmanship and appealing looks. What they don’t have is the traditional Odyssey Golf elastomer face insert. Nope, this is a case where steel meets ball directly, without any face insert intervention.

These putters also embrace a second departure from the Odyssey norm. Moving away from the Winn grips the company usually installs on its putters, Odyssey Golf is fitting all Odyssey ProType putters with a Lamkin® 3GEN® pistol grip. It’s a thin, smaller shape that many highly-skilled players prefer because it minimizes hand tension, promotes relaxed arm muscles and allows the golfer to grasp the putter very lightly. All of these factors can help golfers make more putts under pressure. In addition, the soft, synthetic rubber compound used in this grip is said to reduce vibrations at impact without decreasing feel.

In addition to their Tour-caliber performance and ability to help golfers sink putts under pressure, Odyssey ProType putters can be customized in one of six different ways. Although you can always choose to buy a ProType putter with the standard black grip and paint fill, there are six optional custom grip colors and six matching custom colors for the putter head paint fill (powder blue, orange, red, green, yellow and white). This is a pretty cool option, and if you decide to customize your putter it will set it apart from all the others carried by your foursome.

Odyssey ProType putters are a bit pricey ($269 for all the models other than the 2-Ball, which lists at $299). It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not once you realize your putter is the most important club in your bag. You probably wouldn’t hesitate to pay that price for a new driver, so why would you be reluctant to spend that much on an even more important club?

The Bottom Line: Odyssey Golf has been putting elastomer face inserts on its putters for what seems like forever. If you’re an Odyssey guy or gal and want a face insert, you might want to consider one of the new Odyssey Metal-X putters (we review this new line of putters on another page of this site). But if you don’t want your putter to have a face insert, now you can choose one of these top-of-the-line Odyssey ProType putters. They use a soft, precisely-milled 1025 carbon steel face to give you Tour-caliber performance and feel, and they just might be able to make you feel like a pro while you’re on the greens.

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