A Quick Look at Odyssey Putters

Odyssey and Callaway Golf (Odyssey's parent company) both like to claim that Odyssey putters are number 1 in golf. You might think this is just some empty marketing hype, but in this case the companies just might be right. If you look back through the years, the number of tour pros that have played these putters is almost staggering. A list of their names reads like a "Who's Who of Golf." But in addition to winning more than their fair share of majors and other professional tournaments, they have always been popular with amateur players, too.

Currently, there are several lines of Odyssey putters. In no particular order, they include the Limited Edition (four models), the impressive Black Series Tour (six models), the unique, innovative Backstryke (five models), the White Ice (six models), the White Ice XG (four models), the ladies Divine (four models), the Odyssey D.A.R.T. putter, the Odyssey 2-Ball putter, Odyssey ProType putters and the new Odyssey Metal-X putters. That's a lot to choose from. Because each line of putters has its own characteristics, there's a great chance that at least one of these putters would be right for you.

In case you're feeling overwhelmed by all these choices, our reviews can definitely help. But before you read some of our reviews of specific putters, you might be interested in some general, background information about the company and the putters it makes.

As mentioned above, Odyssey is owned by Callaway Golf. That means Odyssey brings Callaway's renowned manufacturing techniques to bear as it's designing and making its putters. But while Callaway makes just about everything you could think of that's related to golf (clubs, balls, hats, gloves, shoes, apparel - even golf GPS devices), Odyssey concentrates on putters. They do a fine job of it, and it's pretty safe to say that their putters have revolutionized the industry and even changed the way golfers look at putting. Now, many golfers view putting as a "game within a game."

For example, one of the first mallet putters was an Odyssey. We all know where that has taken us - now almost every putter manufacturer includes at least a few mallets in its lineup.

But Odyssey didn't stop with popularizing mallet putters. In fact, it has continued to introduce the type of innovative designs and sophisticated materials that can help golfers improve their putting. In addition to a wide assortment of mallet putters, Odyssey also makes traditional blade putters and mid-mallets (visualize what the hybrid offspring of a mallet and a blade putter might look like). And the putters are available in a range of shaft lengths, from 32" all the way up to long belly putters. No matter which Odyssey putter you try, your ball will roll true and you'll get some great feedback to help you with your next stroke.

The putters feature such advanced designs and quality craftsmanship that they withstand the test of time. For example, I own a 12- or 13 year-old Odyssey Dual Force Rossie II putter. A few years before I bought it, Nick Faldo won the 1996 Masters with a Rossie II. I still use mine today, alternating it with a new PING Scottsdale® Wolverine® I recently bought. And I have to admit, despite my Rossie's age, I still have a good bit of success with it.

Some golfers claim their short putts (inside four feet or so - the distance that I call the "vomit zone" but others more politely call "knee-knockers") are almost automatic when they're using an Odyssey putter. I won't go that far, but these putters do give me confidence when I'm standing over the ball.

There is at least one potential downside: their price. Although you can find older models for less, many of the current Odyssey putters cost between $150 and $200, and Black Series Tour putters can be even more. That doesn't make them the most expensive out there, but they're certainly not cheap. Of course, if the price tag seems a bit high, you can always buy online or get a lightly used Odyssey putter. Either way, you'll probably pay less than the full MSRP.

Quality workmanship, innovative, cutting-edge designs, sophisticated materials - these are a few of the qualities of Odyssey putters. What more could you ask for while you're out on the golf course? Read our reviews of Odyssey putters to learn more details. Our reviews will give you helpful information on several models of these high quality putters.

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