TaylorMade Lady Burner Golf Clubs - Review

Would TaylorMade Lady Burner clubs be a good match for your swing? Could they also make playing golf more fun? Keep reading for some “short takes” on what I’ve learned about these clubs.

TaylorMade might be today’s hottest golf club manufacturer. TaylorMade R11 drivers, woods and hybrids, with their fancy moveable weights and flashy white heads, have captured the imagination of golfers. But the company’s TaylorMade Burners, including Lady clubs, are every bit as popular.

TaylorMade Lady Burner clubs include drivers, woods, hybrids and irons, so if they suit your swing they can meet your needs no matter what type of clubs you want. Instead of the R11’s moveable weights, these clubs feature advanced technology that’s intended to help women hit the ball straighter and farther. We could all use that, right?

With that in mind, I decided it’s time for a quick review of a few different clubs. Let’s start with one of the big dogs – the TaylorMade Lady Burner Superfast driver.

The Superfast Driver

Using TaylorMade’s “Dual Crown Technology” to lower the head’s center of gravity, the Superfast drivers are designed to help women hit the ball higher and with less spin, characteristics which can create additional distance. But this critically-acclaimed ladies’ driver also features the company’s “Inverted Cone Technology” – a design which results in a high Moment of Inertia (“MOI”) for resistance to twisting, a larger sweet spot and enhanced forgiveness on heel and toe shots. Add the long, lightweight shaft into the mix, and you have the potential for outstanding performance.

I’ve hit this driver many times, and I’ve always felt I was able to swing it a little faster than normal – probably because it’s so light in weight. As a result, I was always pleased with its distance. You also don’t need to make a perfect swing or hit it flush to have a good drive with this club. Ladies with high handicaps typically love the high ball flight and forgiveness, while women of all skill levels appreciate the distance gains they can achieve. I just don’t have anything negative to say about the TaylorMade Lady Burner Superfast driver, although I do have one warning: maintain a steady swing tempo, because its light weight makes it easy to over-swing.

Fairway Woods

TaylorMade Lady Burner fairway woods also feature technology that promotes distance, accuracy and forgiveness. Available in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood lofts, they can help you hit the ball better off the fairway, the rough or the tee of a par three. Built with a shallow face and a high MOI, I give these woods a thumbs-up for their impressive forgiveness. My heel and toe shots lost a little yardage but generally stayed close to my target line.

These fairway woods also have a high Coefficient of Restitution (“CoR” or “spring-like effect”) and a deep, low center of gravity. Combined, these two characteristics promote a long, high ball flight. And that’s exactly what they gave me out on the course. In fact, although I appreciated the distance, the trajectory was a little high for my liking. I can’t knock them for that, though - a lot of women need that kind of help to hit the ball higher. All in all, these are strong contenders to be in the bags of lady golfers of all handicap levels.

TaylorMade Lady Burner SuperLaunch Hybrids and Irons

I’m discussing these two types of clubs together because they can be purchased as an integrated combo set consisting of a 4-hybrid, a 5-hybrid, and a 6-iron through PW with an approach wedge. You can also buy them separately, of course. The oversized heads of the irons have strong perimeter weighting, a characteristic which increases forgiveness on shots that miss the sweet spot. With extra-wide soles, the irons are also designed to improve turf interaction from all kinds of lies. Women who tend to “chunk” their irons could be helped significantly by the wide soles. Finally, the longer irons in the SuperLaunch set have the center of gravity placed low in the head to promote a high trajectory.

Each hybrid in the TaylorMade Lady Burner SuperLaunch set has a high MOI, aerodynamic, triangular head intended to promote a faster swing. These hybrids are designed to help you hit the ball higher and longer, but they’re also intended to be extremely forgiving. In my opinion, this is a fine set of clubs that could help almost any lady golfer. I liked them so much during testing that I almost bought a set for myself.

There are more TaylorMade Lady Burner clubs than the specific clubs I’ve mentioned here. Hopefully, this quick review has given you a taste of the Burners’ capabilities.

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