Want to Look Like a Pro?  Consider One of the Titleist Golf Bags

Nothing oozes cool, calm professionalism like Titleist golf bags. Your game may not be tour-level, but one of these bags can at least make you look like a pro.

Whether you want a staff bag for your caddy to carry, or a smaller bag to put on the back of your cart, pull or carry yourself, Titleist has you covered. And any of these golf bags would impress your friends because they all carry the famous script "Titleist" name. Naturally, they'll also do a fine job of fulfilling their main function: carrying and protecting your clubs, golf paraphernalia and personal items.

Titleist golf bags are top quality, but the company could name the different models more effectively. Hey, Titleist - instead of using meaningless mixtures of letters and numbers, how about some catchy names to help us remember which golf bags we want to buy?

There are four types of Titleist golf bags:

  • Full-sized staff bags (your best choice if you really want to look like a pro);
  • Midsized staff bags (smaller than the full-sized versions but still full of features);
  • Lightweight cart bags (versatile enough to be put on a cart, carried or pulled); and
  • Stand/carry bags (designed to be carried, with legs that allow them to "stand" when put down).

I'll begin this overview of Titleist golf bags with a quick description of the company's full-size staff bags.

Currently, two models of Titleist full-size staff bags are available: the S82-1 and the S83-1. Both come in stylish black, red and white, with a large script "Titleist" along the side and on the carry strap. They're known in the trade as "billboard bags," and no one who sees you with one of these bags could ever mistake you for anything other than a Titleist guy or gal!

Each of these two golf bags is designed to meet the needs of serious players, and they're carried by the caddies of many tour professionals. They're made of premium materials, including ballistic polypropylene and polyurethane. Each has thermoformed side panels. Their foam-padded carry straps are lined with velour and use a 3-point sling suspension for comfort while carrying. A zippered polypropylene rain cover and concealed umbrella well are features of both models. A "dry grip" bottom with a lower grab handle makes them easier to pick up. They also have a full complement of pockets, including a velour-lined accessory pocket, a concealed water bottle pocket, a coal-chute, zippered ball pocket (the S82-1 has two ball pockets) and a large pocket for rain gear or other apparel.

Not everyone wants a bag this big (or, starting at $300, this expensive). So Titleist also sells what it calls "midsize staff bags." They're a bit smaller in size and lower in price ($260), but they offer many of the same features. There's only one model - the TB9SF4-3.

These midsize Titleist golf bags have the same stylish black, red and white color scheme as the full-size staff bags, but they're made of textured foam padded vinyl. The top-cuff uses classic 6-way dividers for club organization, and they've been positioned to balance the bag - an important factor if you're carrying. The carry strap is lined with velour, and the "dry grip" bottom has a lower grab handle and rubber feet. The bag has a zippered rain hood, a hidden umbrella well, a towel ring and an assortment of storage pockets, including a coal-chute ball pocket, a velour-lined accessory pocket and a large, fold-down apparel pocket.

Other Titleist golf bags include the company's "Lightweight Cart Bag," which it uninspiringly calls the TB2CT5. Priced at $205, it's available in a large number of attractive colors. This particular model offers a 14-way club divider system and external putter tube, both of which are very popular features. Like other Titleist golf bags, it has a "dry grip" bottom with a lower grab handle. Made of lightweight materials and featuring easy-lift handles and a padded, velour-lined carry strap, its multiple zippered pockets and insulated beverage pocket are accessible while the bag is on the cart. In fact, this particular bag is designed to work equally well whether it's on a motorized cart or pull cart.

Stand bags are the final type of Titleist golf bags. Although there are too many types to go into here, stay tuned ... we'll be talking about them elsewhere this site.

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